Milinkevich bureaucrats at the meetings — a sign of change

Head of the ideological department even enter into discussions with the opposition favorite.

The central market Slonim inquisitive speaker surrounded and showered questions. Namely, local businessmen are interested how Milinkevich sees economic development of small business? Entrepreneurs also lamented the highest taxes, which they impede the economic development of Belarus.
At the second meeting, Alexander Milinkevich went to the district hospital. Another meeting took place on one of the mini-markets. All this time Milinkevich relentlessly for strolling worker ideological department sovereign Dyatchik.
"Officers were sent to the requirement to fulfill their own bread, — says Alexander Milinkevich. — So let him work. Step forward the dialogue — even argue. Trip We do not nip spalohaemsya not, no matter what they were doing. It would be fundamentally that the authorities involved . We already invited MPs and local authorities — they do not want. They do not want, and sent police to intimidate. Now come and try to seize the initiative, developing such a scenario, only two people are asking questions, and others can not open his mouth. We are ready for this. This is our success, I think. Street, but public policy. "


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