Milinkevich sent a letter to the head of Cuba

Milinkevich called Raul Castro to release Oscar Biscet Gonzalez, Jose Luis Garcia PanEco and other Cuban political prisoners.
"As a representative of the Belarusian democratic forces, I call for the immediate and undeniable release Oscar Biscet Gonzalez of Cuba and other political prisoners who were arrested for the implementation of major civilian rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" — wrote in his own letter to Alexander Milinkevich.
Favourite Movement "For Freedom" notes Belarusian democratic forces that stand for the immediate release of political prisoners — Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich express solidarity with all who fight for human rights and democratic freedoms in globally.
"We are convinced that the Cubans, and Belarusians deserve a democratic government that respects human rights and freedoms. Exemption political prisoners in our statesah is the first step towards returning to the international community of democratic nations ", — quotes the letter Milinkevich Raul Castro press service of the Movement" For Freedom. "
Doctor Oscar Biscet Gonzalez (Oscar Elías Biscet González) is the founder and chairman of the Cuban Foundation Human Rights. He is serving a 25-year sentence since 2002, when he was again arrested. He was convicted together with other dissidents and journalists for what he Tipo was "mercenary foreign country." Previously, Oscar Biscet Gonzalez served 3 years in prison for a Cuban flag hanging up his feet into a symbol protest political unfreedom in Cuba.
Journalist, founder of the association to be independent medical doctor Jose Luis Garcia PanEco (Dr. José Luis García Paneque) sentenced to 24 years in prison.
Human rights activists report that political prisoners in Cuba are inhuman criteria, many of them suffering acquired diseases.

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