Militsyyant: Detainees themselves were to talk to the paddy

15 days in jail — now this sentence against youth activists Guerrilla in the district court of Minsk was the most frequent. His first was an activist Vladimir Sergeev. Arbitrator Veronica Abramovich Man found guilty of participating in an unauthorized march. Vladimir himself pleaded not guilty.
"On the charge of participating in an unauthorized march, I remind you that the Constitution of Belarus guarantees freedom of assembly and demonstration, even more so if question holiday celebrating the anniversary of the BPR. "
Acts police who blocked the exit from Yakub Kolas people with flowers and white-red-white flags, Vladimir described as "illegal."
Policemen testified against activist Dmitry Rybakov and Yuri Sergeyev. They were confused in the testimony as to where in the Independence Avenue detained activist and in what direction was the column of demonstrators. This troubles explained to police that they are not local, but from Mogilev, are in a separate company of frisky response Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Both denied that beat detainees. "Sergeyev I asked to go on the bus to talk, and he volunteered to go," — says Dmitry Rybakov Mogilev policeman.
A similar scenario was repeated the process in an hour with the role of Artur Finkevich and police witnesses Sergei Korneev and Nicholas Katashova also from Mogilev. That Artur Finkevich was very beaten, was perfectly clear on his face left eye covered the tumor, broken jaw in the blood. But eyewitness Nicholas Katashov insisted: "I am generally a peaceful man, nobody was beaten, and Finkievich too. He did board the bus."
During the break, Artur Finkevich explained that he was beaten while in detention. Even more, read Finkevich policemen went from Dmitry Dashkevich.
"He looks even worse all. There rainbow of colors on the face. Much of blows received when police broke through the chain."
Maryana Valchkova referee Artur Finkevich also condemned to 15 days of arrest.
By minor activist Lena Makarevich, some detainees were beaten in a police bus. As for herself, she went to the police department in the guerrilla.
"I wrung his hands placed on the floor, sat down, started to choke, beating the body. Later abandoned and left. I’m lying, crying, and they even have that."
By evening in partisan court judge activists have Dmitri Dashkevich and Kase Galician. On the results These processes will become clear later. Activist Andrey Belikov tribunal arrested for three days, and Catherine Solovyov — 5 days.

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