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Many recent social studies in various countries have shown that men with pleasure would come from a rich wife. But the creator of the English edition puts conclusions under oscillation.
The study on "Tools, sex and love," Made for MSNBC portal and magazine "Elle", interviewed about 74 thousand men and women. Only 12 percent of respondents guys said they are opposed to their spouse earned more.
Stephanie Coontz, director of research and public education of the Council of the modern family, it refers to global changes in gender roles rassredotachivanii. Website ladies blogs Jezebel said: "Men are not opposed to the bread and butter brought the girls home." Material placed over a photo of Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Modera, its operator. Both are smiling.
Moral support for a million no gain for the money
Mark Jones of "The Times" jokes imagine the tortured man, silly trying to achieve wage increases or best estimate of his work. Naturally, he will respond positively to the question, he wanted to marry with milyanerkay.
And the journalist decided to ask women milyanerak how they relate to the fact that they be man earning less? He contacted dating service for singles milyanershav "Seventy Thirty» — «Seventy to 30" — it is usual torelationship between work and personal life of a successful person.
The agency works with men. "70 to 30" also reflects the ratio of guys and ladies in the midst of the members. To join the agency must have assets worth more than £ 1 million.
Specialists agency they say that women need from men milyanersham only moral support, that he sheltered her, referred to his own — it’s more of a phrase frequency questionnaires, and not vobraznasts. English men they say that they are ready do, paslyashlyubnaya but statistics show that mental stress and the blow to the ego man makes him such a behavior that lady from even worse than when she was alone and waiting.
Ladies who long for the 40, all ready to abandon their homes and yachts for a happy home life.
More statistics: three of the four guys feel guilty if they do not pay on the first date, 40 percent of the ladies feel uncomfortable when a man perceives their facilities.
If a man is rich and rich lady, but she has a prestigious position in the same field as her man — it is also reason for discomfort in the relationship.
You rich? For you need an anesthesiologist
Specialists in the field of family relationships offer a way out of the situation: when a man earns less its authority in its industry must be great than the authority of a lady in her industry. Or just its branch activities for the ladies — an exciting, mysterious, unattainable.
Lucky to do business with a rich wife, who is engaged in business or something very public may, for example, spices in medieval philosophy or anesthesiologist.
"In eminent film" Nottingham Gill "actress Julia Roberts-milyanerka scenario vtyurilas owner of the bookstore — Hugh Grant" — is humorously says Jones. "In short, if a man’s own true inner peace and profound intrigued in an area where you will not earn millions, such psychologically will not break, and the lady will respect his mystery." Tags: milyanerki

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