Minsk wants Belarus to leave another 10 U.S. diplomats

This now deputy foreign minister Minister Andrei Sannikov Victor Gaisenok, answering journalists’ questions during a break in the plenary session of the House of Representatives. The Deputy Minister said, Belarusian U.S. diplomats have already leaving, and the answer of the American side to this proposal yet. Belarus reduces the number of personnel in the U.S. Embassy own up to 7 people, and you want so did the United States, reducing the number of accredited diplomats in Minsk for 10 people.
South American embassy transferred demand of the Belarusian side for consideration in Washington.
Victor Gaisenok also said that the only way to dialogue and improve relations with the United States, there is — "complete and unquestioning lifting of sanctions" imposed by the U.S. against "Belneftekhim" concern. "This is the only base that can exist for an upcoming conversation with the United States," — said Gaisenok.
On last week U.S. embassy staff has been reduced under the pressure of the Belarusian side almost doubled — up to 17 people. Head South American embassy in Minsk Jonathan Moore then told the Belarusian Foreign Ministry that U.S. consider their demands for reducing embassy staff in Minsk "unreasonable and inconsistent within the diplomatic practice."
With all this the U.S. reiterated that "undisputed release of all political prisoners will enable start finding ways to improve bilateral relations."
Diplomatic conflict between Belarus and the United States appeared after, U.S. imposed restrictive measures on municipal "Belneftekhim" concern. Belarus Ambassador to the U.S. Misha Khvostova recalled "for consultations." Belarusian authorities immediately bezotstupno recommended the U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart also quit Belarus for the same purpose, and on March 12 she left Belarus. Tags: united states, embassies, Belarus

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