Minsk-Washington: What is 6 +1?

The Belarusian side insists on reducing the diplomatic U.S. Consulate in the country. Now this position of the official Minsk confirmed at the briefing the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov.
U.S. State Department now spoke about the inadequacy of action of the Belarusian side. Andrei Popov said about these expressions in the ministry already know.
"We drew attention to the fact that the document contains a number of expressions, which in principle is not enough associated with civilized diplomatic practice. But let it be left up to the creators. For this reason, the said document to the holes we do not read out.
That still regards the inadequacy of our actions, the wish again highlight the first and most important — acts of the Republic of Belarus are like the answer, and they are absolutely adequate to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. But the South American side, imposing sanctions violated every imaginable and unimaginable international norms and rules, from the UN General Assembly resolution and ending with specific bilateral agreements between Belarus and the United States. "
Political scientist Vital Silitski draws attention to the fact that the Belarusian authorities to aggressively behave relative to the United States, do not even mention the ability to compromise. In his view, such behavior should be considered as a first signal for Europe. Belarus shows European countries — not to impose sanctions directly behind the Yankees, said political analyst:
"First, it is focused on Europe. These are exemplary measures for Europe — you’re there and do not think to enter their

First, it focuses on Europe

sanctions. "
Through the words of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Viktor Gaisenok Belarusian side announced the requirement to have a number of diplomats parity formula "1 +6". This means, Minsk that suggests that besides ambassadors worked more 6 diplomats. It seems that this figure appeared accidental. Just many diplomats represented Belarus in Washington in 1994, when the embassy today ruled foreign affairs minister Sergei Martynov.
But Belarusian diplomats are in the United States, not only at the embassy. They work in constant consulate Belarus to the UN in New York. Whether the reduction will affect them too, I inquired at the Foreign Ministry spokesman. Answer sovereign Popova sounded like this:
"We can only confirm that the proposals, which we had read a few days earlier, transferred to the U.S. side. There really contained and quantitative characteristics, and timing. As for the specifics of these proposals, they are subject to bilateral consideration. And we do not want would consider them in public. "
Political scientist Alexander Lahvinets believes that the Belarusian side is not in vain avoids specifics here:
"Belarusian authorities do not want to expand this question, so as not to show first Belarusian society, that Belarusian Diplomats in America than formula assumes "1 +6".

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