Misha CHigir shares experience

The event was held within the framework of the training program to youth role in what perceived Pavel Kozlovsky, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Yuri Khaschevatsky, other famous people. On This time participants of the meeting also discussed the steps the end of March in Minsk.
Misha CHigir largely works and lives outside Belarus. This he explained to own small role in the socio-political life of the country. On meeting with the youth, he said:

"It’s people close to me. I am considered a member of the party to the present time. A in-2, it is young people. They want to know how it was like to be and what abilities we have. Thats why not?"
Ask questions and listen to the former Prime Minister and an experienced banker came several 10-s people. Here’s what they had read on their own impressions of the meeting:
"I Aleh Korban, a member of the UCP. Personally, I now was very curious, since I heard that would never have found in municipal media. "
On the purposes of such meetings with famous people, says one of the organizers of Ekaterina Tkachenko:
"Now to our UCP-independent Democrats in comes a lot of young people. And there is a question: which can be do for them? That such meetings are very helpful to young people in self-determination. "
On This time during the meeting and after the end of intensive youth open a discussion forcibly disperse the celebration on March 25 also searched the offices and apartments-independent journalists:
Guy: "We walked to the park Yanka Kupala. Suddenly machine stops beside us, popping up in military helmets, batons and start to miss us. Beat. Now who sits, who is lame."
Reporter: "The girls are also missing?"
Woman: "Well, that almost caught, but not enough room on the bus. ‘Cause now and for freedom."
Guy: "I was running around with a voice recorder, tried to interview his uncle, who was dragged into the bus, so he got the baton on the head."
Reporter: "And what do you think about the searches in the offices and apartments-independent journalists?
Guy: "Complete chaos."
Woman: "Power can no longer cope with such a huge flow-independent disk imaging, free thought among young people and in society in general. And warn that they can only here in this manner. "
His attitude to the events of 25 and 27 March and also expressed Misha CHigir:
"This is a mistake on the part of the authorities. And what of it? And what next? Bucks not have found, users do not find — that’s all. I would put it this way, there is no they do notwhat to do, because these searches and passed. "

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