Missile «Yakhont»: fire and forget

By the shores of Syria unsafe to approach closer than 300 km

The U.S. and Israel are very alarmed information on shipments to Syria Russian anti-ship missiles «Yakhont». Information on this situated on their pages the New York Times on May 16. This article argues that these missiles will be severe for the Syrian army weapon «to counter what ever attempts to strengthen the international forces of Syrian opposition fighters means of introducing the naval blockade, the introduction of no-fly zone, or inflicting limited air strikes.»

The same reads as editor in chief of a noble military analytical magazine IHS Jane’s International Defence Review (England) Nick Brown: «It gives the regime to suspend foreign forces trying to stuff the opposition from the sea, or to prevent them from playing a more active role, if at some time will be declared no-fly zone or a naval blockade. » And so appreciated missile «Yakhont»: «This is the real killer ships.»
Former senior U.S. intelligence officer Jeffrey White also believes that «Yakhont» more or pushed Western allied naval actions off the coast. «
Western experts are right. «Yakhont» really killer ships. Warn his shot is virtually impossible.
«Yakhont» — export version of the operational-tactical anti-ship missile P-800 «Onyx». In NATO terminology is called SS-N-26 Strobile («Fir Cone»). It is a universal medium-range missile acts designed to combat surface ships in the criteria for a strong fire and electronic countermeasures. Can also be used against ground targets. Native range in anti embodiment 300 km.
It should be noted that this range combined flight when the last 40-50 km missile flies over the water at a height of 10 m If it flies all the way at this altitude, almost clinging to the surface of the sea, the range is 120 km. Weight «Yakhont» — 3100 kg. Warhead — 250 kg. Overall length — 8.9 m, width — 0.7 m Speed ​​750m — 2.6 Mach at an altitude of 10 m — Mach 2, in other words twice faster sound. The highest altitude — 14 km. Engine ramjet, fuel — kerosene.
The body is made of stealth technology «stealth». On the final leg of the flight cut one weatherproof monopulse active-passive radar seeker (RLGSN). In active mode, it detects a target at a distance of 50 km and 1-1.5 Minutka achieves it. Because start-up can be performed on a target located behind the horizon, on a «fire and forget». «Yakhont» will find itself the target. With all of this rocket is positioned as Interference-proof. Regular means of electronic warfare and counter knock it out of the way, according to the designers, it is unrealistic. Especially since that ordinarily may not be enough time. Smallish flying over water rocket radar intersect with huge delay, when there was no time to bring it down or lead to the wrong target. «Yakhont» keeps the combat effectiveness even during a storm in 7 points.
Versatility antiship complex is expressed in the fact that it can be installed on submarines, surface ships, boats and land-based launchers, including mobile. Missile «Yakhont» comes in the mobile onshore K-300P «Bastion». His standard composition: four self-propelled launchers K-340, the car combat control K-380, Transport-loading machine K-342 machine and alerting software — for transportation and residential placement of personnel. Individual duty may take up to 5 days. The complex may further go propelled the-horizon radar detection of air and surface targets «Monolith-B.» In addition, target designation can be performed from a helicopter. Deployment time «Bastion» in firing position — 5 minutes.
According to the Western press, Syria has signed a contract for the onshore missile «Yakhont» in 2007. Receive their inception in 2011. Initially, it was the acquisition of 72 missiles and 12 launchers. But those «Yakhont» that come at the moment, is much more efficient to use in combat. And most importantly, there is no salvation from them.
Foreign mercenaries in Syria asking real genocide of Christians and Alawites practitioners and brutal torture of prisoners and ritual cannibalism, losing the war. Because sound demands intervention by the U.S. and NATO. But the attempt to provide a no-fly zone over the coast of Syria means the naval forces of NATO, as it was in Libya, and to arrange a naval blockade, depriving Syria Russian food supplies and weapons, stumbled upon «Yakhont». At least Europe got an excuse not to get involved in a religious war in the criteria of severe financial crisis.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said arms to Syria comes under the treaties. Exports of guns in this country does not prohibit the UN. Accordingly supplies will last.

Viktor Myasnikov

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