Mogilev: Activist Sues City Executive Committee

Nicholas Rasyuk considers that the application be treated in violation of law. In this regard, he also requests administratively liable City Council business manager Igor Avseenko.
Executive committee is not allowed to hold a rally and march to the days of freedom, citing the fact that the venue for these events are repaired.
Now the referee Kuzhaleva ordered the city executive committee representative until May 12 to submit to the court documents proving that in these places really was carried out repairs.
May 12 Tribunal to continue.
Meeting owed held on March 23 in a certain place of power — on the ground in front of the Palace of Culture and Rest of Mogilev city executive committee.
Immediately after the court reporter "Liberty" visited the scene of the alleged meeting. Palace of Culture and Leisure City Executive Committee is in disrepair. In the house there were no events. Playground, as seen in the picture, has long not been repaired.

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