Mogilev association donors joined the international federation

Chairman of "The Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko hopes that membership in international donor organizations to help Belarusian donation:
"Membership in the federation gives us access to legal infy regarding global practice donation will allow exchange of experiences and best practices with colleagues from other states. The Belarusian donation many problems. First social protection donors. Pinning hopes, with the help of our colleagues from the Federation to improve the situation in Belarus in the donation. "
International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations created December 4, 1955. It connects voedinyzhdy donor organizations from almost fifty countries in the world. Federation aims to make better quality of blood donation in the world.
President of International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations NIDD Mikelsen (Niels Mikkelsen) said in an interview with "Freedom" that the friendship of the Belarusian non-governmental organization in the federation will allow her to work more perfectly:
"We have established a good exchange of experience in campaigning expansion donation, many disk imaging on this topic, well as other donor theme. Federation frequently conducts training for volunteers in verbovaniyu donation. Later, these volunteers help donor movement, "- said the president of International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations NIDD Mikelsen.
Mogilevsky NGO "Drop of Life" — the only union donors in Belarus. The organization’s purpose — the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of donors.
In Mogilev regional health council convinced that severe problems with no donation:
"It was done a lot of outreach. We had read with the Regional Council of Deputies. Were given advice: how to assist the noble donors and how to attract people to surrender" — said the regional health department.
In June last year Mogilev group donor week strike against cancellation of privileges. Donors managed to save forty percent increase to their pensions, the ability to take a vacation at least some comfortable time. In addition, Mogilev donors only defended free travel in public transport within the town.
But still deprived donors 2-compensation principle: fifty percent discount on the purchase of drugs and free medical prosthetics.
Registered in Mogilev blood transfusion station costs about 5 thousand donors. At the station, they say that every year the number of donors in Mogilev reduced.

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