Mogilev in NATO will not

Man: "I do not know that hunt them. When hunting, it is their right."
Reporter: "For us, for Belarusians, there is the danger?"
Man: "I did not see any of the Baltic states, Poland or from threats. Same thing there."
Sovereign Incline age: "I think that decent to them there will be nothing. Romania joined NATO and others, but decent for the people to do nothing. They imply that something will give them for free. Tipo protection from Russia. If Our homeland gas will not, then the NATO Russia almost begin to bombard. "
Lady: "I do not like it. There somehow alien. Ukraine and its something closer, but to retreat.’s Sad."
Man: "Negative. Since these countries are not created for NATO. Their own mind, its own culture. We and the West is not so adore that Georgians that Belarusians, Ukrainians, that our homelandn. We are Orthodox, they are Catholics. Remember that Catholics do with the Orthodox in davneshnie times. Sword and the cross … their faith. Policy has not changed. "
Old lady: "We are against all violence. Somehow I do not hunt. Like our president and against. And we, ordinary people, too. I think, they are removed from us so perfectly and somehow has not become their. We, the ordinary people, it is not quite nicely. "
Man: "What about Georgia nothing I can tell. It is their own business. They somehow away from us. But as for Ukraine, opposed. I was born in Ukraine, Varashylavgradkay area. In this situation, the war is not going to do one, but since I was born in Russian Union, I believe that to a certain extent is a threat. "
Guy: "Maybe they did on the pressure and they had no other choice. I have the view. NATO currently gaining military strength, because I think that conflicts may arise. "
Man: "we are all Slavic peoples, because my position is negative with respect to the entry these states NATO. "
Reporter: "Why? Just as we Slavic peoples? But Georgia … "
Man: "Yet We are Christians. I do not like in the near future policy pursued by the West, including and together with all of NATO. "
Sovereign Incline age: "How willing is their choice."

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