Mogilev: last searches

In search of personal Hills apartment, which is used as a study edition of the independent newspaper "The Hill", was conducted by the Committee of State Security.
According to the editor "bumps" Edward Brokareva, there were three: Major Sheynik Grachev yes Malashenko.
"They presented a warrant and conducted a search of the apartment. Pick up a few 10’s of copies of" The Hill "newspaper" Freedom "- in short, they zrabavali part of our public library. Also confiscated a computer system. Midst confiscated newspapers have two copies of the local newspaper" Lenin’s Path "- said Edward Brokarau.
By Brokareva, search lasted half an hour. KGB officers were told that all confiscated transfer in Minsk for examination, which will last three months. Later it was decided that with pick up things to do now.
Meanwhile, in a private apartment on Asipovichy local public activist Igor Simbirova was also searched. Simbirova was not at home, door opponent Ministry of Emergency Situations, utilities and a policeman opened mom. By Simbirova, ran a search Lieutenant Verabev:
"Vorobyov immediately began to crawl on the packages and ask there. Mom replied that there newspaper. Verabev said that it was all he withdraws and makes the report. When I arrived, they were gone. Fifteen positions they confiscated newspapers. Some were outdated . most valuable thing they seized — it is the last issue of "Osipovichskaya panorama." Here and circulation half I had not vserasprostranena "- said," Freedom " Igor Simbir.
Yesterday in Mogilev were searched apartments of journalists Gennady Soudnick Vadim Arshinsky, also in the personal public alley in the center of Chkalov, 16.
Public activity center at the time of paralyzed
"Confiscated art, paralyzed function such as working with information. Missing Access Web. Naturally, we will find some opportunity to get out of such situation and have access to communications. Clear that payment was to intimidate people. People to feel his humiliation, "- said one of the owners of the center Vitaly Cornflower.
Journalist Gennady Sudnik believes that searches in Mogilev were an attempt to intimidate publishers before the independent press:
"While prepyadstviya independent press will only apply to journalists, it will last in the community, and do not know what it all comes. This must be the problem of a society that has to suffer from the fact that it does not know the real facts of life. A knows only that sleight of hand, which he was given official municipal media. " Tags: search, Brokarau

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