Mogilev market or sports complex?

Mogilev authorities justify the elimination of the market that in the neighborhood "Solomianka" no 1st cultural and sports facilities.

We now have a project: two swimming pools, one large, the other is much smaller — children

"There was a lot of applications. Deputies and Voice, and the inhabitants of states what you need assist this area. We now have a project: two swimming pools, one large and the other much less — child. Sports complex of the auditorium. Hall fehtavannya or wrestling gym. Fitness club and gym "- so independent channel" Mogilev-2 "explained the position of chairman of the executive committee of power Victor Shorikov.
Sovereign Shorikov promised that decision will be accepted only after discussion:
"Before we take, we will carry out the procedure of mandatory object discussion involving slum district, with the assistance of the Town Planning Council."
Victor Shorikov gave an interview when already collected about 6 thousand signatures against the demolition of the market.
Merchants "Krynica" not against the construction of the sports complex in the neighborhood, but do not understand why they are treated as un-human:
"I hope that we’ll save, of course, since all previously planned. When I started doing paperwork and brought to the city council there said," Here I am given a place in the mini market "Krynica", and if I had it demolished by bulldozers or close. "There’s answer:" the coming 10 years will not be no reconstruction, "- said" Freedom "is one of the market women.
There is a civilized way to resolve the conflict? City council member from the neighborhood "Solomianka" Alexander Agayev convinced — there. "We need to build a sports complex on the free areas, and the problem will be resolved," — he said.

Striking juxtaposition: the market or sports complex

Sovereign Agueyev states people, that appealed to him, just do not understand what is happening:
"Striking juxtaposition: the market or sports complex." And the market, and sports complex "- they say they are. Market not only has local significance only, and urban. Fact those who go on giving those out of town here, overstock and leave. NOT zapruzhvayuts city transport problems do not. Businessmen striking that they were not warned in the manner prescribed by law. can say warned retroactively. Some two weeks to enter into agreements to lease back the stalls here. "
On the market "Krynica" trades about three businessmen. Trade pavilions appeared here 10 years back. At the moment — about fifty stalls. Hosts they say that any of them cost about 10 thousand dollars.
Instead authorities offer space in shopping centers, which in Mogilev numerous and most are half empty. Entrepreneurs do not go there as much.

This is a show, to be visible from the road and be proud that we did something

"Solomianka" — a large sleeping area on the outskirts of town. Premises for quite here. Why specifically market place authorities have chosen for the sports complex? Frame is here that the sports complex is a available to people. Inhabitants do not agree. That’s one of the views:
"It’s a show, to be visible from the road and could proud that we have done something. Local authorities can safely report that we have built something. If it build for the fortieth school where it will be removed from the principal transport razvyazak it will inconspicuous. "

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