Mogilev opposition for the celebrations observed

Fifteen members of the PKB with party flags took part in the parade of veterans, rally and a theatrical performance of days to victory in Mogilev. Activists of the opposition Communist organization, more people are inclined your age at the parade distributed the newspaper "Comrade" and newsletter regional organization PKB "Komunist Mogilev." Them relentlessly watched people in civilian clothes. "In this day of victory should not be. I am convinced that no 1st Belarusian, Belarusian citizen who would not revere this prazdnichkom. Spoil it naturally here this observation can not be," — said "Freedom" Managing Regional organization PKB.Valery Berezienko
  People watched in civil and manage the regional organization of the United civilian party. Vladimir Shantsev
He was accompanied at the ceremony his mother — a veteran of the second World War I. "Scarecrow something. There is a saying: smart finds friends and fool opponents. Prazdnichkom This finding opponents silly. Prazdnichek This holy. This is my personal prazdnichka. Expect provocation from me … I do not know. Does this make sense" so commented Vladimir Shantsev
compliance people in civilian clothes. Valery Berezienko
noted that in today’s celebration was still the least flags wins and one hundred percent white absentRussian language:

At today’s celebrations of days to victory: only one portrait of Stalin Tags: war, chances

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