Mogilev refueling building in violation of laws

The fact that under the windows of the house number 69 on the street Simon’s going to build a gas station, the residents had no idea:
"We, when construction began, drove themselves to the management architecture and there learned that there will build benzakalenka. No hearings and interviews with us nobody spent. No signs on the fence of the construction site was not. This is what we ourselves have learned on their own, "- said a resident of the house Tatyana.
Began to build a gas station on April 23. In response, people took to collect signatures for stopping construction. This week signed by over three hundred people. Structed Nearby are three nine-fueling. In their lives, about one thousand people.
In the executive committee, which asked people initially promised to contribute, but was later told that refueling build according to general plans. There, in the executive committee, the inhabitants learned that, not counting refueling, fifteen meters from residential areas and pave the road.

For seventeen meters will be carriageway and we will breathe evaporation

"Its distance from the basement of our house is seventeen meters. Road itself fifteen meters. From the road once dug a pit for petroleum products. Under our windows for seventeen meters will be carriageway and we will breathe these evaporation" — says Tatyana.
To allay resentment inhabitants, bureaucrats said together with the construction benzakalenki will streamline adjacent to houses countryside. Inhabitants do not believe in it, because they affect the ratio of costs for the construction and ordering. People vary in the veracity of bureaucratic promises.
"The building itself is worth half benzakalenki billion rubles, and the device, which, incidentally, will be carried out between the house and no benzakalenkay, and behind it, in a clearing, which is so pretty and spotless, four and a half billion," — says Tatyana.
Yes owner of a future executive committee benzakalenki unitary company "Mogilevoblnefteprodukt", say the construction is in accordance with the approved project.
"If he had not passed the environmental assessment, it would build no one and would not give nobody ever. There are environmental and operational standards," — said the "Mogilevoblnefteprodukt."
In Mogilev city sanitary-epidemiological center also assured: design and construction benzakalenki meet health and environmental standards.
"Fact, that "Belorusneft" reddish fenced with a fence outside a construction site. And it turned out that the fence is fifteen meters from the house. And people obviously when looking out the window, behold the fence this, right under the windows at them. But this does not mean that there will be filling station "- so explained to employee dissatisfaction center inhabitants.

Passport gas station construction
June 17 2005 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has issued Abstract number 30. It obliges officials and builders during the development of construction projects unsafe objects hold public hearings. Allow hearings, according to annotations, more thoroughly explore options and construction conditions.
Executive committee believes that it violated the annotation: that the approved project to build a gas station in 2003, while there was no annotation.
Public environmentalists they say that, apart from the annotation number 30, there are constitutional provisions guaranteeing citizens the right to a suitable environment. Environmentalists, but complain about the imperfection of Belarusian environmental legislation.

In step environmental review must were read with a population

"We have all this legislation is not spelled correctly. And public hearings may be: Located in a newspaper that will build a gas station, and it is believed that the public was told. Essentially step environmental expertise they had read to the population, "- said the environmental expert Ira Sukhiy.
Protest success is dependent on the determination of the people. If they dare to protest, they should contact the Tribunal, environmentalists say.

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