Mogilev region: Museum killed for the sake of saving

The three-storey building will position the clinic soon agrotown. The Department of Culture Gorki district executive committee regret that the museum had to be closed. So decided to superiors in the department justified. Director economy motivates closing Museum savings.
Museum in the village Maslak existed for about 30 years. It began to develop in the 1980s by means of the collective farm. Patronized museum farm chairman Ignacy Medvyadev. He personally found the archives information about the past of the village and replenish their exposure. Kolkhoznye spetsy produced Belarusian stylized house with objects of peasant life. The museum often organizes exhibitions.
Former head of the museum said Lyudmila Shilov "Freedom" that three-storey building of the museum have already started to rebuild. Exposure gave local school and Gorecki historical and ethnographic museum.
"I have no access to the museum. There has destroyed everything. Began to import materials, which will decorate the clinic. Now it will be a school museum and Maslakova branch liquidated. His will. People have that and for and against. But at the moment when everything is destroyed, people started to read it sacrilege, how well could break is benign, "- said Lyudmila Shilov.
Ms. Shilov states that Last year in December at the funeral by Ignatius Medvyadevu bureaucrats promised not to destroy the museum, a polyclinic that went out and brought another building, but did not keep his word.
Lyudmila Shilov tried to protect the museum, but to no avail. It collected 100 signatures for the preservation of the villagers did not change the position of the museum district authorities. Through their activity they are unemployed. In school museum for some reason it did not take.
The Department of Culture Executive Committee regret the museum, but nod to the executive committee of superiors: they say, it is so decided.
"The main thing that was in the museum — was a building and its exposure. Now, when we are building is lost, it was transferred to the balance of the district health center, we have the enthusiasm to this museum was dropped. Authority decided that this piece of history can be visualized office at the school, "- said an employee of a culture.
Managing the economy Arif Nosyrev motivates closing Museum savings:
"Now this museum is not a lot of people strolling. This museum must be at the school to show the children how people worked. Now clinic is more useful. What are these unnecessary costs, throwing money into the air? "
Arif Nosyrev left unanswered the question whether it was possible to preserve and build a new museum building clinics. Allocated for the construction agrotowns same means?
With your Arif Nasyrova disagrees Haretski journalist Edward Brokarau. Museums, he says, are not for commercial income, their memory is preserved.
"The authorities are obliged to save. Saves them, of course, not for themselves for themselves, loved ones, and on culture and education. If the government boasts of his agrotown finds funds to build houses, which often remain unoccupied and falling apart, when bolshennom found a desired power have the means and for clinics, "- said Edward Brokarau.
Villagers they say that clinic need, and should not have to touch the museum. Here is one of the corresponding views:
"Could superiors to reflect and decide on another, so that the museum did not touch it. You know, it hurts to look. As born in Maslakov, I grew up here at all on this. It goes bad. "

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