Mogilev: Sergei Negatin fined

Referee Tatiana Rubis recognized activist guilty of committing a little hooliganism March 14.
March 14 Sergei Negatin half past eleven detained near the entrance of his house, two policemen patrol. The reason for the conclusion of steel Tipo Negatin misconduct. According to the protocol of detention, he was intoxicated and cursing obscenities. Night of 14 to 15 March Sergei Negatin stayed in temporary detention.
In court Sergei Negatin own pleaded not guilty. He said that the arrest considers politically targeted and illegal police actions.
"I was detained near my house. I was sober in the unlikely event the police have conducted a review and have not. I admit that I was indignant and he did not want to go to a company car. I also recognize that howled and called neighbors for help. Police Life does not give me, as we shall see immediately asks personal belongings for inspection ", read in court activist.
Sergei testified against two policemen Negatin: Peter and Sergei Machekin Salabenak. They detained him.
According to police, Sergei Negatin attracted attention for a big bag and no flicker. On the demand to produce documents Negatin that he started swearing.
"He tore the lattice of people who wipe feet near the entrance, and threw them at me. I just dodged. He also called on the help of neighbors. Inside the bag he had documents anti-state character. I immediately took them for themselves. Later outlined in their protocol, "read the court Peter Machekin.
Sergei Negatin seized 50 names of things. Among them were a dozen calendars Belorussian service "Radio Liberty"Multiple instances of the independent newspaper" Mogilev time "also form a committee tips repressed.
Policemen also told the court that Sergei Negatin threatened them, after March 25 policemen all be bad.
Referee Tatiana Rubis considered plausible explanations policemen and clarifications Sergei Negatin form of self-defense and punished him with 3 basic values. Tags: Negatin, hooliganism, basic, value, fine, 3

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