Mom S.Parsyukevicha: I pinned its hopes for justice!

Vain hopes were relatives and friends of the Vitebsk businessman Sergei Parsyukevich that Minsk City tribunal cancel or at least reduce the sentence that month reversing the arbitrator ruled Nicholas Avdeenko Metropolitan Court of Minsk. So Makar, 2.5 years in prison and payment of over a million rubles — this sentence businessman in force.
When I was on the phone said the court’s decision mom prisoner Parsyukevich Faith, who lives in Vitebsk, she sobbed. Despite everything Vera Fedorovna still waiting for her son unleash ..

Fair to expect, but it turns out we do not have it.

"Of course, expected. Fair to expect, but it turns out we do not have it."
Let me remind you, Sergei Parsyukevich recognized guilty of beating a watchman on the bullpen Akrestsin Alexander Dulub. In jail businessman came after a protest rally on January 10th. Parsukevich himself argued in court that it is in fact started to beat and even suppresses Dulub policeman, and he had no choice but to defend his life.
According to Vera Stramkouskaya, on examination of the appeal to the tribunal came many friends businessman and people who sympathize him. They are very indignant urban decision of the arbitrators. According to the views of these observers to the process sounded pretty Sergei Parsyukevich exculpatory evidence, but did not respond to the tribunal.
In Zhodino remand on May 30 said that on the day of Sergei Parsyukevich convoyed to Shklou colony. To educate the sources, transfer may be delayed for a few days.
Step — quite an ordeal for the prisoners. He has already undergone an activist Andrew Kim, which this week served in Bobruisk colony. Mom prisoner Tatyana Kim met with him on Tuesday and Friday. Lady says, after step offspring was very sluggish.
"I gave him last transmission, he already ozdorovel and looks great. First time he naturally looked very bad, I even cried, and at the moment everything is fine."
Let me remind you, Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for assaulting a police officer during a meeting of businessmen on January 10th. Activist appealed. When make out his complaint is not yet clear.
With Alexander Kozulin in Vitebsk colonies met a lawyer. On the outcome of the meeting told the daughter of former presidential candidate Olga Kazulina:
"It looks normal, chipper and energetic. Pronunciation submit to the court a libel suit by Oleg Proleskovsky, who argued in his article that the pope offered freedom, but he refused Tipo. And even expressed the view that parliamentary elections will be held on September 28th coupled with the referendum on unity government with Russia. "
Alexander Kozulin in custody since March 25th of 2006. The politician was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Human rights organizations in Belarus and in the world consider Alexander Kozulin prisoner of conscience. Tags: Kozulin, Parsukevich, com

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