Monetary crisis came in Mogilev?

Yesterday the chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Victor Shorikov noted that the global monetary crisis has brought signs of deterioration in the urban economy. He admitted that the crisis can be bad for export local products. It is still the only public statement by the government of Mogilev impact of the global financial crisis on the regional economy.
Victor Shorikov his statement made at a meeting of the executive committee, dedicated to the implementation of the urban economy predictive characteristics. Refine dangers that monetary crisis economy of the town, the chairman of the executive committee did not:
"Now, see, the problem in the lending banks. Through exports we can have some bad moments of the impact of this factor."
Sovereign Shorikov also admitted that the promised salary of five hundred bucks on campus enterprises not:
"No one branch in the town did not exceed this milestone."
Meanwhile Mogilev Regional Executive Committee said that the global monetary crisis is not yet perceptible negative impact on the regional economy:
"Difficulties have, but not panicking. I would put it this way, "- said the head of the Economy Committee Nicholas Dudinskiy.
Sovereign Dudinskiy recommends that people who have bank accounts, their ashchazhanni not rush to shoot:
"They will bear interest, and everything will be fine. Government, the government knows these prepyadstviya and make moves."
Mogilev convinced whether that government in case of deterioration protect their bank savings?
Prince"I think it is unlikely. Had neither the strength nor the ability."
Prince"Of course not. Flew and dollar, euro and flew. Currency deposits — it’s all a numbers game. We monitor all makingsmiling and in Russia and Ukraine. Because I have no conviction. "
Prince"The majority of the population are insignificant amount of deposits.’s Someone very huge amounts of money, those can endure prepyadstviya. Especially those who play on the difference in rates or promotions. And for the general population is only indifferent."
In Priorbank convinced that specifically on the banking system crisis has not yet affected.
"The likelihood of impact in the medium term on the economy as a whole. But it will be due to the fact that maybe fall solvency of our export partners abroad. Only thing we upped the ante by one to two percentage points on loans for the population," — said the press service of Priorbank.
The press service explained that the rate rose because more expensive resources, and the State Bank raised the refinancing rate for loans and deposits.
Meanwhile, economist Leonid Zlotnikov believes in recognizing the Chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Victor Shorikova justified:
"There are already signs that our businesses have begun to lose revenue from exports. For example, in" Belshina "received a message from their own customers to reduce prices by 20 percent."
As for the banks, then, views economist, their liquidity worsened as aggravated verbovanie credits from abroad.

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