Monument carved with stone hands

To This time it is unclear how many Jews were killed. Historians they say about ten to twelve thousand. Mogilev Jewish community sought the perpetuation of their memory for years. Monument with carved in stone palms — an emblem of human souls who perished in the ghetto — found on the street. Here the Nazis meant to make the entrance to the ghetto.

Alexander KarivAt the unveiling of the monument were a lot of people — young people Incline age who lost relatives in the ghetto, religious and cultural Jewish communities, as the authorities. Came to the celebration and the first Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Belarus Alexander Kariv.
At a rally on the occasion of the opening of the monument to the first by the chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Viktor Shorikov. He noted that the funds for the monument Jewish community gathered itself — Cleanup.
Alexander Kariv thanked local authorities for assistance in establishing the monument to victims of the Holocaust:
"It is very principle for me as a representative of a country that was created by shrapnel that terrible time. "
Mogilev Jews for years sought to establish the monument. Naum Ioffe — One of the champions of this movement:
"For me, this character is of paramount importance. That that there The ghetto was, I know from childhood. The house in which we lived, stood under the mountain here, first. It also was a ghetto, and we felt it schves time. For me it is a holy place. "

Kim KuznikIn the ghetto, killed a lot of relatives from Mogilev Kim Kuznika. At the celebration, he could not hold back her tears:
"This is a memory. You understand: grandparents, aunts, sisters died here 5. Their kids were killed. Over eighteen."
In the ghetto were killed and elder relatives Mogilev synagogue Simon Glazshteyna. At the sight of his tears. It reads:
"Memory is a protected future. Memory protects us from fascism. That he was not repeated, so people do not have enough reason to reach this terrible power of the human fall, we put the monuments."
Layout monument architect developed Mogilev Andrei Vorobyov:
"This is my hometown, because I was wearing a big responsibility ahead of him inside. Shamefully I do not for what I did. I am pleased that my work will stand here forever and outlive me, and people will come and touch to these hand prints . "
Carved handprints on the rock — the main element of the monument. Master plan for when a person touches the palm, he feels the soul of man who died in the ghetto.

After first opening of the monument to the handprints on the stone put your hands Shorikov Victor Alexander Kariv and Jewish community chairman Boris Goldenberg. To the monument lay flowers and, according to Jewish tradition, stones, which previously brought Naum Ioffe.
Monument to Holocaust victims in the regional center was the fourth in Mogilev. Earlier, two such monuments discovered in 2006 Byhovschine and third — in This year October 19 in Bobruisk.
Opening of the monument took place in the framework of the Days of Culture of Israel in Mogilev. Apart from this celebration, an exhibition of Israeli literature, art, and urban cinemas means showing documentaries and feature films. Tags: gravesite, monument Holocaust

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