More free Schengen visas for Belarusians

In order to start the function of reducing the price of Schengen visas for the people of Belarus, the official Minsk must first sign a special partnership agreement with Brussels.
On this "Radio Liberty" said co-chair of the Political Council now SLM Anatoly Lebedko after a meeting with First Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Czech Republic Tomasz Poyyarom (Tomáš Pojar). Czech diplomat, which is Belarus on a working visit, met today in the morning with favorites SLM.
Liabedzka explains: "No agreement with Brussels. And because such formal bureaucratic we can say, Event solution lately not be taken. During recent discussions in including and today we went out for the next version of the solution — increase the number of free visas for Belarusians. For example, the Czech Republic currently produces up to 10% of all visas free of charge. The Government may decide to increase this number. "

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