Most writers need a full union

"Dzyannitsa" in the 1918 report of Belarus: "People Sekretaryyat Belarusian People’s Republic adopted a resolution on white apaveshchenniRussian language gasudarstvenym and of mandatory language of the Republic. National minorities in Belarus can korystatstsa own language in communicating ofitsyalnyh of government agencies. All acts, documents and correspondence of government agencies must be written gasudarstvenym Belarusian language . "
Pages with "Lima" in 1958 Belarusian ballet soloist Alya Karzyankova urges: "How fascinating coeval — Belarusian women have to meet every day. This young builders, engineers, agronomists, doctors, teachers, foremen fields. And very sorry that these people No more middle of the heroines of our ballets. A very hunt tell us about their thoughts and feelings figurative language of dance. All this close and clear to us, acting youth. We do not spend hope that the meeting with new types of characters will be soon. "
* Nyaklyayeu after his election as chairman of the Union of Writers in the newspaper "Name" in 1998, says: "Most writers need a full union. Organization as she thought more Gorky: Relief Fund writers — zapivohoy, poor and feeble. Later already Alliance has become a political institution.’s why protecting all current principles of the Union of Writers, I will try todo likely to return to it the functions Prof. Union. "

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