MPs themselves legitimized

Cook it began in 1999. Deputy Ivan Semenenya, who represented the law, said that the main obstacle to the adoption of the law is "the desire of the deputies to expand its monitoring capabilities, beyond the Constitution."
From the speeches of other deputies could realize that the real work on this law began only 2 year reversedafter Alexander Lukashenko has permitted to extend the control functions of the parliament.
Now adopted the law has added two new features deputy. They got the right to consider candidates for the post of the Ambassador of Belarus and "make decisions recommendatory nature." They also now have the right upon receipt of the disk imaging on enforcing the laws on the implementation of the budget, but "within the limits of their competence." As noted by the deputy Olga Abramova, "possible read on expanding our capabilities without changing the Constitution? "
European parliamentary structures more than once pointed out that the features and functions of deputies of the National Assembly of Belarus very very limited and do not meet European standards of separation of powers.

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