N.Ledski: Olympic boycott — not lost threat

Radio Liberty correspondent Kenan Aliyev spoke with Nelson Ledski that in 1980 the U.S. State Department ran a special cabinet boycott Metropolitan Olympiad.
Oh, so Ledski Nelson responded to a question about the mechanism of the decision to boycott the Olympic Games in Moscow:
Ledski"The main players in the decision to boycott the Olympic Games were the British, Canadians and Americans. These three governments have gained agreement in January 1980. And although later the British and the Canadians did not participate in the boycott, they were in the midst of its initiators. Joined a boycott 60-70 countries, including China, Saudi Arabia and most of the Muslim world who were offended by the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan … "
Correspondent Radio Liberty asked the emperor Ledski whether he thinks the boycott of 1980 successful?
Ledski"I do not know if it was a success. But it was the main problem of the Russians. They never forgot about it and were very angry. I think it was a severe blow to the Russians and the prestige of the Olympic Games. Russians suffered huge loss of money .. . I think that the idea of boycotting the 2008 Olympics because of the events in Tibet and the Chinese case to the Human Rights presentable enough. I’m not saying it’s great or bad, but I respect the French are beginning to talk about the inability to participate in the Olympics absolutely if Chinese people do not finish rights violations of man. "
Radio Liberty also asked Nelson Ledski or he believes the possibility of a boycott of the Olympics harsh force China to do better position human rights?
Ledski"This threat is not lost. I do not know about than presently South American government thinks or what other governments think, but the Tibetan situation — a fascinating case. West or East worlds few are able to do in Tibet, but they can send a signal through the Olympic Games. I know that the international Olympic movement and the Olympic committees of various countries could be against such a step, but I’m just answering your question … "Tags: China, Tibet, ledski, boycott Olympics

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