Native word life-giving power — Belarusian-in clinics

Famous Belarusian writers, actors, painters, and ordinary people often Belarusian-fall, so to speak, in a closed place — for example, to the clinic. How are they themselves feel? And how are these people doctors, nurses, orderlies, roommate?
So at this point in the clinics were national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin and writer Vladimir Orlov. Sovereign Orlov just returned from London — and immediately to the cardiac center: first in the intensive care unit, and later on the operating table. Currently on the mend:

Vladimir Orlov"I wish to express my gratitude medic Ira Velskay. Thanks to her, I very quickly was in intensive care, and later on the operating table. Ira Velskaya — the lady at the Belarusian-hundred percent, she — my mother graduate Belarusian-language lyceum, for this reason we had ever met. "
Sovereign Orlov was always lucky Belarusian-doctors. He even has an essay with an ironic title "Dead men do not sweat" — there is depicted a former hospital experience:
"Before the surgery, a doctor, a lighting fixture Russian uralegii, asks me, if we started giving anesthesia:" The Emperor Orlov, how true to write the word "struggle" — with or without sign Myagenkaya Myagenkaya sign? "I did not have time to explain it, but fell asleep with that comforting idea that if I do not come out of the anesthesia, it is still our cause is lost."
In cardiology center on the operating table with the writer also spoke in their native language:
"The doctor Oleg Svirsky, who operated on me in his assistants in medsyastrychak also no problems with the Belarusian language was not. Especially since that operation and Ira Velskaya present, and not as a translator. I totally felt comfortable with the Belarusian language and in intensive care, and no problems in an ordinary ward. "
With Gregory Baradulin, which lies in the 10th medical clinic, doctors too they say only in Belarusian, says psychiatrist Igor Sorokin:
"Doctors normally refer to the Belarusian language. Dr. engaged Baradulin healing, says to him only in Belarusian, although generally in life speaks in Russian."

Gennady BuraukinPoet Gennady Buraukin not just lying in the so-called lechkomissii and states that there are all too reverently refer to the Belarusian language:
"No questions, no problems. Doctors with great joy, without any problems trying to read in Belarusian. Their it goes very well. I say more patients and at the same lechkomissii when I was in the dining room and in the hallway, virtually all crossing the Belarusian language. And with me they had read in Belarusian. And there were no problems. Instead, they were glad to have someone to talk in their native language. "

Ales LozkoChairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko not so long ago did the operation at the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics:
"Surgeon Bulrush Alexander read in Belarusian always. I remember when I was already lying on the operating table during surgery was necessary, that I said, the doctor did Sytnyk operation and always spoke to me in Belarusian. He says fine, honey knows the terminology. Very nice to be treated in such doctors. "
Many doctors of various specialties use only Belarusian language everywhere — at work, too. In Minsk meduniversytetse more than 40 years teaching Dr. tsytalegii Alexander Artishevsky. Professor ankamarfolyag Gennady Ants works in Oncology Research, writes all detention reviews, recipes in Belarusian, so talking to patients. And your own fundamentally led many to treat colleagues with respect to their native language.
Correspondent"Not if you had problems with patients?"
"No, never. 20 years was a very negative reaction of colleagues walking down the dungeons of our institute and even back feel to the entire depth of hatred for himself. And presently uniformly situation began to improve, maybe because I always read all in Belarusian . Hopefully, they began to realize that without their mother tongue live. notice that who from time to time, who regularly reads "Narodnaya Volya", other newspapers in the Belarusian language. most unusual to me that even some "verb" read. way last "verb", where "Return of faith" Vladimir Niakliaeu — it’s all great! Excellent work. way, many have read it. "
But the head of Ministry of Health mamolyag Leonid Putyrsky, who lives in the family uses only the Belarusian language about dealings with patients reads as follows:
"I speak in Russian with those who can talk to me. When I start in Belarusian, and the patient says to me in Russian, I turn to the Russian language. I hold these views: with respect to a person — in which he on itself and me. But it’s not like I’m too shy to speak Belarusian. kind of life we have — bilingual. And we aperyruem operations with his son, we still have an anesthesiologist, old man, we all communicate in the Belarusian language. "
Psychiatrist Igor Sorokin also notes:
"In my own practice I usually meet only awareness of everyone, even those who usually enjoys the Russian language. And the more, the more. Often hear," Oh, how nice that the doctor says Belarusian, as well as good language! "Though they normally use Russian. I always say:" Who are you to interfere? Listen to your read your, say, in their own way. "
When I asked the emperor Orlova, or talking to him in Belarusian staff, he replied:
"We in the House has a shower room. There something was wrong, and worked plumber, such Belarusian boy weighing 100 kg twentieth And he asks me — Plumber:" Do you realize that of the poet — Pavluk Coward? "And he told me deklyamue" falling snowflakes, diamonds dew-fed little white outside my window. "This plumber is twice removed grandson Pavluk Coward and hails from the village too low on Vzdenshchyne."

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