Need to abandon the station and the construction Nyamiha

* "Free Belarus"
in 1918 reported: "In" Belorussian want "(Horse Market, Minsk) on the first day of Easter, May 5th, was delivered to you T-Belarusian Drama and Comedy British farce," Aunt guilty. "Not looking at that behind the scene echoed strangers for Belarusian ear the words: "Mr.," "lord," "Miss," etc., farce went very well, capturing the audience with his fascinating story, pazyvavshym on niutrymany laughter. "

*"Evening Minsk" in 1988 published a statement Poznyak at the "round table" "My world: Abandon building second strip through the subway Site of ancient castle and the Upper Town. Need to abandon the construction of the station and "Nyamiha" … From pit station "Nyamiha" station "October" distance 508 meters. Town in Upper and Nyamiha planned pedestrian zone. During the Sports Palace and near Site of ancient castle — a recreational area. So what is there to station? "
* "Narodnaya Volya" in 1998 for the 100th anniversary of the Vitebsk Tram writes: "Vitebsk tram’s oldest republic, the commissioning of a concession by the Belgian public in 1896-1898, respectively. Prior to its launch was built 5.15 kilometers of tram lines. Opening tram traffic in small provincial town was a significant event. S.Kramer Local composer even wrote to this occasion music "Tram-march." Now the length of tramways in Vitebsk is above 60 km. Once a day in urban trams transported about 200 thousand Vitebsk residents. "

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