Never until now we do not resist the power of face-to-face

October 30 marks the 20th anniversary of the first mass rally in honor of the memory of days Protz "Dzyady." Rally October 30, 1988 was against the will of dispersed. Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski was a participant in those events, then-president of the public association of writers’ Tuteyshyya "and one of the signers of the application for the rally. Now he remembers Dzyady 1988:
"Before I got prazdnichkom official prosecutor warned that in case of riots I will be prosecuted. Accordingly, psychological stress was quite strong. This time we have never openly confronted the authorities, we can say — face to face. It was not clear what it’s all finished, and we were preparing for the various options.

Ales BialiatskiAnd even for the worst.
After all, really, though 70 years have not been here such mass actions. Some people thought that all this will end in disaster.
I remember in today Metro was blocked, and we walked to the preceding station on foot. Was seen as streams of people flock to the prospectus, the then Lenin. And we walked together with Sokolov-Voyushem, he was with the guitar, we had a joyful company. It was a bright sunny day, frosty, ice crunched underfoot. We walked to this prazdnichek — young, happy, optimistic.
When we ran across the street, which crosses the avenue, there began to gather people, and there began the first seizures. I understand that the police neutralize people who, in her opinion, were the organizers of this prazdnichka. Somewhere near the ladies fought for Pozniak, and it was very fascinating situation where the ladies played a significant role in the history of Belarus — recaptured Pozniak, who later managed to carry out this action until the end.
Well, I was not lucky: I was detained, shoved into a small "goat", taken to the police Pershamajski district. At once there was Tribunal, and I was given a fine of 200 rubles. That’s what my role was. For me, based on the belief 20 years, it was probably the most important thing that I have done in the history of Belarus. "

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