New IDB «Frontier»

In connection with the renovation of equipment of the armed forces is planned not only to buy already made arms and equipment, and to develop new types of them. Last Friday, June 7, have been reported, according to which the Russian strategic rocket troops destination will soon receive the latest intercontinental ballistic missile. Over the coming months will begin mass construction of new ICBM and they will intrude on alert.
As it became clear on the days of June 6 in the evening (Moscow time) at the Kapustin Yar took another test launch, created the project «Frontier». Within a few minutes the rocket delivered to academic pursuits several training warheads. Last fell on the ground Sary-Shagan placed near Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan at a distance above the 2-thousand kilometers from the starting point. According to reports, the rocket carried a promising start from a mobile launcher, similar missile systems used in the family, «Topol» and «Yars».

The next day after the test run, the chief operational management of the Head of General Staff Colonel V. Zarudnitsky announced some details of the event. According to him, the aim was to develop a test run of a new missile warheads. Colonel-General also noted that it was the fourth test launch of the project «Frontier» and it went well. All training warheads hit their targets contingent. Tests and debugging missiles approaching the end of their own. This year will be the next rocket launch «Frontier» and if it is successful of the new missile will be ready for the adoption.

By completely understandable reasons, Colonel-General Zarudnitsky not read the clear powers and abilities «abroad.» He limited himself to only the most general formulations. The new missile, he said, greatly expand the potential of Russian Strategic Missile Forces mission, as it has a great ability and improved maneuverability features in comparison with existing systems. More specific information or number is not called.

Yet, the chief said the Head of operational management plans military. After subsequent missile test launch «Frontier» perceive adopt and begin serial production of missiles. When all this first missile complexes «Frontier» is planned to put on duty before the end of this year. According to reports, in the current assembly time for testing missiles engaged in Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant. Perhaps this company specifically put RVSN first serial missiles, but some sources mention the future transfer of production in Votkinsk. Currently missile troops are busy preparing the necessary infrastructure and training of personnel. So Macarena, all the preliminary work will be completed before the end of 2013.

Unfortunately, on a brand new missile system «Frontier» not very much clear. No reliable disk imaging even the clear terms of the beginning of its development. According to various sources, the design work began no later than 2006 in the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology. First launch (according to other sources, the throwing tests) was held in late September 2011 and ended in tragedy. Two more test launches took place in the past year, and the last has now passed last Thursday. 4 runs only one ended in tragedy, and the other three ended in defeat best educational purposes.

About the latest rocket design has almost no information. According to various sources, the «Frontier» was made on the basis of one of the last solid rocket made by the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology. So Makar, brand new ICBM may be a deep modernization «Topol-M» or «Yarsa.» Based on this disk imaging, missile launch weight is estimated at more than 60 tons. There is information about the latest development of the mobile launcher, which differs considerably from past similar machines complexes. A missile as well as other such systems, presumably formed by the three-stage circuit.

Clear payload data promising missiles missing. Earlier media disk imaging referred to as a single warhead, and share with warheads personal guidance. Posts from the last run now that «Frontier» was equipped multiple warheads. In addition, the missile carries a certain set of tools to overcome missile defenses.

Said Colonel-General Zarudnitskim «new combat equipment» raises some questions, also provides an opportunity for different thoughts. So, the creators of the portal imply that for missiles «Frontier» can be created new maneuvering warhead. This assumption is indirectly confirmed by the fact that recent test launches were made from Kapustin Yar on academic pursuits at the Sary-Shagan. Last has a complex observational means necessary for collection during the start-up disk imaging. In addition, the Sary-Shagan makarom placed such that zabugornye reconnaissance not have the ability to create observation of the flight of a rocket, and it can be used for covert tests promising systems.

Ultimately, the project «Frontier» reliably known only the number of test launches, the approximate dates of their closure, also plans to adopt missile system into service. Technical details of the project are still closed to the general public. But in the current situation, you can draw the appropriate conclusions. Fragmentary data and various guesses allow hope for the emergence of the newest intercontinental ballistic missile for the Strategic Missile Forces, which has significant advantages over existing ones.

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