New MPs are likely to raise the retirement age

"Private with society, on the one hand — and the government bureaucracy, on the other: either they, in your opinion, are understanding?"
"The Company is currently in dire apathy — is a reaction to what is happening in the state, it is — a form of protection against it. In our society, in my opinion, there was a tragic situation: we have a bureaucrat, the law and only later — people. A must opposite: people — the law — and, then, a bureaucrat. "
"Lud trust law?"
Of "ordinary people do not believe in the validity of law. Since behold the: first law protects officials — the higher the position, the greater the protection."
"Why the government does not protect the ordinary citizen?"
"If the affected interests of ordinary people, the government is indifferent. Completely. Indeed, typically, she specifically violates his rights."
"And wait for the change?"
"I doubt very much that the new deputies will change something. Their predecessors abolished privileges, well, these, for example, is likely to raise the retirement age, etc., etc."
"Well, what the thought police national trust that you have identified in their own election program there?"
"The police, as I have read in the eyes of the people — first punitive body. And in fact, it should protect the people. But police are not immune to the same lawlessness own control. As in this case it can protect its own people?"
"Sami although police understand the essence of your idea?"
"Unfortunately, no: they are hired to protect people their rights. A police assess existing laws and warns that the government hired them.
Although virtually it mattersa people. After specifically for folk remedies he serves, and should therefore specifically protect people. "

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