New Viking invasion

From May 21 to July 5 in Belarus pass Those Days of Swedish culture, during which there are meetings with Swedish painters, musicians and writers in Minsk, Baranovichi Luninets and other Belarusian cities. Present multivalued culture mandelic Scandinavian country before their compatriots helps translator Dmitri Plax — Last Minsker, who currently lives in Sweden constantly.
Michas Scoble"Dmitry, Those Days of Swedish culture in Belarus held for the seventh time. Not so long ago, online forums open a discussion topic tentatively entitled" Culture Wars, "and the magazine" Guerrilla "even intended topic particular room. How would you skharaktaryzavali against the Belarusian and Swedish cultures? "
Dmitri Plax"In old days we were in Polotsk on one of the activities of the Cultural Days. And there I was asked the question — can we consider the expansion of cultural relations with Sweden, a new Viking invasion … On the topic of" war of cultures ", I do not think between cultures that are necessary or even probable war. Culture — one of the few areas of human activity, where everything is more or less peacefully. Cultural exchange allows people understand each other. If you are, roughly speaking, reading Leo Tolstoy, and you like "War and the world ", it does not mean that Tolstoy is a war on you … As for the Belarusian-Swedish cultural relations, I personally worked in this field for more than 10 years. And during this period of time is turned out a lot, I can see some progress in our cultural cooperation. Swedish side projects funded by the Swedish Institute — a municipal institution that deals with the expansion of the Swedish language and culture, the spread of knowledge about Sweden in the world. I am pleased to note that the Institute Shvedki always invites to their own role in the program notes of other states. Same thing is happening in Belarus is usually bilateral projects. "
Scoble"Relatively not so long ago did you come to Minsk for presentation books by Astrid Lindgren" Pippi Longstocking ", which with ecstasy perceived Belarusian babies. I drew attention to how you translated ingeniously children expressions depicting those kids tendency to ryfmavanak. For example: "And now we blinechy oven", "and now we blinazhym fry", "and now prepare blinuem." In the Russian translation of such tumors, it seems not. Was there something similar in the original? "
Plax"So I tried to make as clear as possible transfer, convey linguistic invention Astrid Lindgren means of another language, as it should be in literary translation. Why a famous Russian translation Loungine you do not — I do not know. Maybe because in Russian the number of: poetry of the everyday products should translate Prof. poets and translators … Maybe Lungina, interpreters very prof, such co-author was not at hand. "
Scoble"You do not translate only from Swedish to Belarus, and from Russian to Swedish — Daniil Kharms, if I’m not mistaken. What would you like to vdastupnits for Swedish reader with Belarusian literature?"
Plax"Yes, a few years back the Harms released a compilation in my translation. This is one of my beloved writers. Happened that I came to publishing from the town of Malmö, which is practiced by absolutely translated literature, and offered to do Harms. I translated the book was published. And by the way, has received good press, included in the list of books of the year, comprising one of the largest Swedish newspapers. Regarding Belarusian literature, I translate and Belarus on the Swedish. verse translation Valentina Aksak, works Ales Ryazanov, translated three story Boris Petrovic, and they were written in the Swedish journal "Picota." Then the same publisher offered me translate a whole book Petrovich. Just at this moment I’m doing. I hope that the book will be released to the book fair in Gothenburg, which will be held in September . Petrovich Book — this is perhaps the first Swedish translation specifically with Belarus. Previously if someone passing, they did it through the mediation of the British or Russian languages. "
Scoble"At one of the Swedish websites, I came across this ad:" In the town of Malmo held the evening of the translator and poet Dmitry Crybaby. Log — 20 crowns. "In Belarus, literary events largely free. Can the Swedish writer live on royalties from the publication of their own books, and from conducting similar toll parties? "

Plax"Absolutely — no. Usually, literary evenings and Sweden also free. Sweden has a whole system of state aid to writers. Approximately 130 people receive as a writer referred to wages, it means little, but can live. 130 people — a small percentage of because only members of the Writers’ Union in Sweden over 2000. As these perpetual salary allocated? Works special commission, which itself finds writers. Usually it is more well-known writers who have enriched the amazing array of Swedish literature. There is a system of scholarships and grants — a year or two, for 5 years. Even me at one point, managed to get a scholarship for a year. However, here, as in my mind, has its flaws. frequently happens that the country receives aid from not the best writer, and he who are better able to write statements. municipal funds often fall to those creators that they are not really needed. Well really, if you’re a writer known for your books and sold so well … It turns out as a Nobel Prize. Remember, Nobel tastamentse said that the award should be administered young creators. Did Doris Lessing, nabilyantka last year — the young writer? "
Scoble"You are doing such an unusual kind of journalism for Belarus as videadenniki. What do they represent?"
Plax"Videadenniki slightly familiar and Belarusians, as we have done here and the presentation of even a few years back the involved with this project in the same days of culture. How it all began? I, as a consumer is not satisfied with that system disk imaging getting that exists in huge medyyakarparatsyyah world. How’s announcements — we know. Nekhoroshev announcements — it’s always announcements and great — this is not the announcements. And people develops a twisted picture of what is happening in the world. And I, for example, curious as to how ordinary lives people in Belarus. Not the president, not the opposition, and a mechanic in Lepel district. This disk imaging, I can not receive. If passed, say, BT, the story with the hero-machine operators, the journalists, he served with a certain spectacle that I also do not like it. And we thought of such a project — to show the daily life of people eyes of the people themselves. We drove to towns and villages, people were handing ordinary camera and asked them to remove his life that he himself seems to be more fundamental. "
Scoble"Such folk journalism for yourself."
Plax"You could say that. But it’s not quite journalism, it’s just videadenniki. First part of this project was carried out in 3 countries — Belarus, Sweden and Ukraine. And I was amazed that in Belarus, which is considered a non-free state , came the most free and open videadenniki. And the most "squeezed" — in a democratic and free of Sweden. "
Scoble"One can not but rejoice for free Belarusian people … Dmitry, you ambiguously professional man. You — and on Swedish radio producer and translator, and painter, poet and satirical. If you had the freedom of choice on what kind of creative activity would you braked? "
Plax"I definitely would not be doing journalism. Otherwise … You see, almost all of the areas you I really do the same thing: anywhere I try to learn how to relate the time and place. And I’m a little collaborating with the theater, and there me more curious. on stage I also interested in the relationship between time and plac
e. I’m curious, when the director and the actors take a certain length of time rethinking his artistic and — get a very different place, you, as a spectator, too, you see. Well, unless it not magic? "
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