News about the U.S. Navy

News about the U.S. Navy
There are very noteworthy commentary Deputy Minister U.S. Navy Robert Wark (login bobwork) to a post in the blog Information Dissemination (this type of leading South American naval blog).

The general tone of comments Wark — America can build more ships for its own navy. Question Tipo only a political solution.

Notable items (something long and so clear, but the sum for easy reference):

Wark fully convinced that serial littoral combat ships type LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) will be worth about $ 400 million, ie their price will drop to initially predicted. The situation with combat units even better, according to Wark than it appears in the press. Navy brought about hundreds of configurations in the draft between the first and second pair of LCS and ENTERED even 60-70 between second and third. Generally Wark rage protects LCS and emphasizes that this is not a frigate and corvette not, and a totally different class of ship. Moreover, Wark notes that the U.S. Navy frigates are not needed, because currently there is no danger of the ocean sea lines of communications.

LCS are not designed to deal with large enemy NC (interestingly, as examples Wark leads Russian ships — Tarka pr.1144, pr.956 pr.1155 and BOD), and only mine, anti-submarine (aimed at combating NNS, rather than nuclear-powered ships) struggle and struggle with what is called Fast (Inshore) Attack Craft (FAC / FIAC), ie boats, boats and small ships of the enemy.

That’s why the LCS no 76mm AC and RCC Harpoon, but there is a 56-mm AC and (as part of the module to combat surface objects), two 30-mm AC, attack helicopter (with rockets and APKWS LOGIR), also rocket Griffin (this ordinary land ATGM, with cheap-and deteriorated in comparison with modern ATGM Javelin). Griffin B weighs 20.5 pounds and has a 5.9 kg warhead, due to the relatively huge opening flaps missile’s range is 5,600 meters. Griffin uses laser beam guidance, a GPS receiver and an inertial guidance system.


Actually, I do not quite understand how a ship with such weapons can beat with modern submarines and missile boats. At the moment, no matter what Russian diesel submarine (and a huge amount of export PL) can run from a torpedo family antiship missiles Club-S, having a range of over 100 km. No means of dealing with them at the LCS ships not. Worse than that — at the moment, even ordinary missile boats Iran, Algeria, Pakistan and many other countries are armed with the Chinese anti-ship missiles S-802 (also known as YJ-82 or Yingjie 82) with a range of 120 km. Diesel-electric submarines Type 039 (Song Class) also possess the possibility of underwater missile launch C-802. Quite easy Iranian missile boats are versatile missile (SAM / RCC) type «Merhab». According to the statements of Iranian developers largest missile range «Merhab» by firing up to 75 km. So explain to — what are the chances of a collision with LCS such opponents?

U.S. Navy focused on the continued presence of one AUG in the areas of responsibility of the Central and Pacific Commands. So makarom concept 2-AUG to CENTCOM uniformly forgotten.

Has long been clear, but Wark particularly noted the priority development programs from the latest long-range anti-ship missiles, which can be placed in the CPG surface ships of the U.S. Navy.

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