Newspapers editor Slonim not changed feather on shoulder straps

Another month reversed when Victor Volodoschuka summoned to military enlistment, he warned that This year he is 50 years old and he hypertension.
Enlistment these facts are left unattended, saying that representatives of junior officers, to which the journalist covered by collecting up to 55 years.
To all, he said they were going to clean serve hidden information center. How to read V.Valadashchuk himself — after 30 years the editor never picked up for military training. And now after having honey in the military commission sounded turnaround.
Volodoschuk: "In the recruiting office I took all the papers, I did not sign anything, and I uttered that all figured out and now I’m free. I asked if I go to work. Said quietly go to work."
A few weeks before the epic with the military enlistment office has another problem: Editorial denied tenancy. Term ends on June 1 and a new place yet.
Volodoschuk: "I paid with his own hand fit for space rental and maintained in an appropriate condition and the landlord claims to me was not."
At this time, the oral order local officials forbade the newspaper to sell in stores, also the editor received a warning letter inappropriate small trade licenses (newspaper distributed personal persons), in which the threat of license revocation.
All this is in addition to the fact that for the past 2 years in the newspaper not cut catalog subscription "Belposhta" not sold in kiosks "Belsayuzdruk" as the contract was not extended.
And last week, on the website "Newspapers Slonim" appeared a document signed by the Chief District KGB Alexander Mozalkovu addressed head of the psychiatric department of a district clinic.

In an open letter to Victor Volodoschuk expressed surprise at the fact that the KGB was interested in the psychological health of his family, and requested that the chief of regional KGB explained to him the reason.
Volodoschuk: "What this means, I just do not know. Maybe intelligence agencies want to check the state of my mental health and my family. But for what? Until I explained to no one."
Reporter: "And what is currently the case with the local authorities?"
Volodoschuk: "Our correspondents are not admitted to the event, even if there open access to all comers, and expel them. Well work …"
Victor Volodoschuk believes that all these acts in totality are focused on that, that suspend the last-independent newspapers in the Grodno region.
Volodoschuk: "I believe that they wish to make a working environment for us, that the newspaper did not come out. Another explanation this situation I do not see. "
Volodoschuk Victor was born in 1958 in Slonim. Originate from Slonim and his ancestors. Then graduated from high school, worked in the local newspaper, served in the Army, graduated from journalism at the Belarusian State University, worked in the newspaper "Freedom" from 1997 is the owner and editor of "Newspapers Slonim." Wife, Anna, also works in the "Gazeta Slonim" and engaged in advertising. Daughter and son — students. Victor long amateur photos, likes to spend time in the country, is interested in gardening.

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