Night Siege — 11 April

Website "Nasha Niva"Cycle initiated conversations with politicians. First questions the newspaper said the head of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko. He said about the likely boycott elections House of Representatives, to be held in the autumn, "We have to throw the rights to the final step to remove all their own candidates … I was personally involved in the boycott, and I know that quite a few see it as a languid job."
Reaction guests website:
"Well, not as Lukashenko said: you break such a law, and such a declaration, such clause of the Constitution. Not took office, the hero without heroin …"
"And then without Lukashenko nowhere …"
"This song is excellent, starting at first … How Grantmakers utter, and so grantososami will do. Work with them such — palitbiznes. "
"And where is the statement that" NN "has received an order Liabedzka PR?"
Living in a society magazine minsk_by gesha_by blogger reports: "In a small town not the M. Minsk region announced Saturday. According to one month. 4 months. Available: commercial enterprise with a monthly salary of 300 million fund should be: to withdraw funds in the city budget. Such subbotniki not have theirth goal output whisks people from the street, as in Minsk. It’s all easier. The company must list the salaries of employees in one working day at the expense of the executive committee. So makarom300 million divide by 20 working days even though + 30% tax and multiply by 4 = 78 million in the city budget. That’s cool! By zabelorusskaya "
Recall that the Belarusian government recommended a work day on April 19.
"At Last year autumn was already Saturday. And at the same factory walked with statements such as "I agree to list of my salary to the fund such work day and the same amount" (the average wage for each day the employee), a large amount of his superiors, have less workaholic. Bosses signatures and hardworking twisted figs and corrected their amount of 5 thousand who who 10 willing and 2-3 thousand wrote. In this work day at the company considered complete. "
"In Saligorsk already Tipo from illumine each month on a volunteer satisfied. Besides "voluntary" donations from employees at the expense of the executive committee, and besides, "voluntary" donations from companies and commercial companies at the expense of the executive committee. But that’s not counting the Subbotnik when people actually go out in the street to paint and clean "for the gratuitous".
"In our work day was uni too. As the curator said, "strictly of mandatory turnout." I decided not to go as big game hunting was not: go to 8-00 on the work day, there are rotten to 12-00 and 13-45 to pair up and learn to 20-30. Bottom line: I reprimanded for misconduct and internal regulations of the Institute. "
Insurhent blogger in his diary to inform you that as a youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka refused to fill in the Russian documents in the military. "Who was the second day of passage in the military commissions. Tried conscript force to fill the questionnaire. Instance in Belarusian in their course was not, as in Russian, I do not really understand :-) After the non-long dispute with the employee recruiting office, who insisted on filling Russian version of the questionnaire, I went to find such a book of complaints and suggestions. I looked up, I combined it with the commissioner, who invited me to his own office for a talk. After a five-minute conversation, he promised to give me a questionnaire on the Belarusian Thursday.’ll see that their work. PS: That’s curious, they will transfer will be debited from Gomel recruiting office? "
"Language, of course, the fundamental thing … but see that to the questionnaire did not write that … After my ancestors because 1st proposals already in the second hospital sent … And as I’m there with them to run I will not understand. "
"Ironburg not be boring :)."
"Let him have themselves moved, apparently, invented a couple of tumors ;)."
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