Night Siege — 3 April

On the website "Charter’97" commented Alexander Lukashenko expression that Ukraine and Georgia into NATO — a matter of time. Now Lukashenko held a meeting about the combat training of the Armed Forces of Belarus. "We need to think about strengthening our borders, our armed forces. Armed forces must be in constant combat readiness, to feel the pulse of the country, and not only the country, "- said Lukashenko.
"Again tanks mereschatsya Lukashenko. So hunt him to war, someone to" protect ". Remember me Hussein. Also rope gun, threatened all of rifle shooting in the air."
"Any army should be viable, otherwise it is not needed. Another thing is that in this particular case of Belarus as a sovereign state (not to be confused with the personality of the president of the government: he has who and what to fear), do not get any NATO or fabulous terrorists, and its own power, which is leading the country to economic collapse and gradual loss of independence, primarily in favor of the Russian Federation. "
"The main thing that" Stalin Line "do not let us down."
"Was exercises« Shit Union ", then, damn it, hug and cry. Technology Release of the late 1960s — early 1970s. To some drag on the landfill had to tow. Barracks — quiet nightmare … Yes read that here if we have troops 40 thousand and 200 thousand cops passes. So what are these horror stories only lyahtaratu and NATO have long know that the local army — not over militia since Napoleon. "
"But seriously, the five-time advantage against the Ministry of Internal Affairs MA in manpower (as well as in equipment) excellent states that, what the current government more terrible enemy — internal or external. Draw your own conclusions. "
In forums portal is discussed news that the Committee wants to municipal control seriously address Russian hypermarkets "In 1-x, the current mechanism for monitoring revenues allows traders with impunity reduce its volume, in-2, a huge selling points brazenly ignore the requirements for minimization of imported products in the presence of Russian counterparts. "
"Certainly, at first was necessary strangle kiosks and individual entrepreneurs to open the way and super stores. And then push yourself hypermarkets. "
"Some Russian products much better imported from other countries, and the cost reasonable (this is usually running food). But still 90% of Belarusian products should not be stored in the warehouse, and in the trash."
"What do you like kids on Actually? Who is easier to control one or 100 stores personal business? Who is easier to impose what he sell? Hence, the girls are dancing. "
"Yes, that is to think, to require all paying people to take only Belarusian products, conduct raids to zazirannem with a refrigerator, look for Belarusian products was least 80%. In the case of open violation confiscate refrigerator (if import even more so). "
At just make websites "Directories writer, historian, Encyclopaedists Anatoly Makarov" creator writes in the introduction:
"You went to the world’s only website where the biographies of our Protz — victims who were shot or tortured to death in jail of the NKVD, and the few who escaped from the crippled Leninist-Stalinist concentration camps. This is more than 4000 teachers, 3000 Church and Orthodox priests 1500 medical and veterinary workers, more than 1,000 writers and scholars, many thousands of other figures of culture, society, industry of Belarus. "
Website "People from all over the news" reports on mini-survey, which had a queue in retiree-Miner, who handed in Saligorsk glassware. "He was standing with a shopping bag with bottles and perceived as its own queue. So sincerity responses can be considered the greatest. Asked whether Belarusians need" the Federal Government with Russia, "prymalnitsa dishes right replied," No ". Explain now on themselves to make can not, and will work on them. first in the queue too mumbled "no." Subsequent four people unanimously supported this idea. This middle-aged man, the last in the queue, commented: "Grandson grandfathers shot allies from Russia, nothing to enter into such unions. "

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