Night Siege — 31 March

On the website "Charter’97" a new article Ira Khalip "Features the portrait of the country." Vorachivaetsya created the topic stripping-independent media in Belarus. She believes a series of searches that took place on the flats on the number of journalists last week, only the beginning of a large security operation. Readers’ website:
"Certainly, this is a good symbol. KGB If so worried means for their observations, awareness grows … And that means the power begins to shake. They reason that is completely natural to behold the actions of journalists."
"Well, they will do, deprived opponents? What happens with crocodiles, if they are many, and food Eaten? "
"This action, together with the special services of Belarus Russian FSB in response to a warming of relations with Europe and the European Commission to open consulates in Minsk. Our homeland not interested in improving relations with the European Union."
The forums portal discussions are news — Polish embassy began to take documents Belarusian people for "Polish Card". Pole’s Card can get those who have relatives Poles and owns the Polish language at a basic level. This document gives a number of advantages, such as the ability to work in Poland without a work permit. Views on the Belarusian authorities, the fact that the issuance of "Polish Card" could seriously destabilize the ethnic affairs in Belarus. Comments forum participants:
"Why should it cause destabilization of international relations, it is clear, for sure, but the Foreign Ministry. Personally, I will not sulk. With the same success could talk about the tension before issuing Germany compensation for work during the war. But people realized all true. So it will be at the moment. "
"From Siberia and Kazakhstan in the 1990s had left a bunch of Germans on a fixed residence. And nothing. Destabilizavalasya Society there. And we have that — a special country?"
"Who would have expected the card Lithuanians and Latvians. Then to the west of Belarus is emptiness."
"It’s okay. Any country draws people to discover — Germany, Poland, Canada, Israel … And shake where possible — young, hardworking, intelligent, educated … and nowhere to be heard … And who clicks prevents the authorities in Belarus so to lure people with around the world (As do the Poles …) — Belarusians believes those who were forefathers Belarusians, who was a citizen of Belarus (BSSR) or remained on its territory? "
Andrzej Pisalnik in society "living magazine" by_politics contains a snapshot of a photographer "Nasha Niva"Doroshkevich, which shows three KGB officer — they are often on the street protests, but not adore their images appear in the public domain. Bloggers them identified: KGB officer Dima KGB captain Dmitry Whistler himself head of the KGB in Minsk and Minsk region Igor Kuznetsov. Statements LJ community members:
"Thank you, very informative. Country must know its own heroes."
"What inspired faces!"
"They have all the leader board, by name. Attractive for each other."
A writer Adam Globe in his blog brags that he was on the glossy pages of the Belarusian "Ladies of the magazine." Magazine published the text of cabinets, text came in Belarusian. Here is an excerpt:
"Since I have wardrobes has always beenand typical, we can say, an intimate relationship. One of the first children’s memoirs associated specifically with modern wardrobe, which have caught neighbors Medvedev … In those days, buying space was an important event, most of our friends dispense yes pachapelnikami shelves in front. And here came the yard truck bright wardrobe. Men carried her on the fifth floor. Ladies and stroked her praised. They almost kissed her — the most latest and most pure in our cupboard trohpadezdavym house. If you think I’m exaggerating with kisses cabinet, then loudly pamylyaessya. Just these paglazhvanni yes prytsiskanni cheeks to the closet and pushed me to the idea to the closet to make more beautiful. And all the ladies man-made beauty was seen me optimistic red lipstick chemical, which nafarbovvalisya sponge. Specifically chemical lipstick I painted cupboard. How he could get off the floor, so much paint. Which was solemn wardrobe! As it was burning! Eyes not otvedesh. And my hands became festive red. Smote me for my father’s art leather cross. My friend, the same age Medvedev also flogged for suvdel in the art project. Ladies, of course, tried to wash closet, but nothing in them failed. Lipstick ingrained in light wood deeply and forever, as ingrained in my memory the remembrance of chemical glow light on the closet ". Tags: web, Belarusian, blogs

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