Night Siege — April 4

On forums portal Discussions are statement Alexander Lukashenko that it does not exclude the ability to normalize relations with the West. Comments:
"How I wish, so I turn back. Voice — one thing and do — more. Nothing changes. Already hurt";
"Belarus and nine million Belarusians nothing wrong [West] did not. But there is one that hurt and humiliated in front of these 9,000,000 the world ";
"With the normalization of relations with the West will deteriorate proportionately sick deal with Russia";
"I can not understand why he uses the word" we "," us ", if all of this for his 1st?"
Internet newspaper "Solidarity" reprinted an article of the newspaper "New Russian Word" of the most promising brides and grooms post-Soviet states. Most amazing fiance Belarus edition refers Franak Vyachorka — 1st son of the favorites BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka. Midst positive properties Franak Vyachorka not called poor family, organizational capabilities and young age (20 years).
Comments blog Ales Arkusha "Note laugh at this" nomination "men only. Maybe envy?";
Blog retshy: "What are you so angry guys? Here grows Franak still little — and Actually will groom at 100 … "
Website reports that workers Soligorsk enterprise "Belkaly" a receipt must read the statute pro-government public organizations "Snow White Rus".
The portal posted a new video for the song Levon Volsky "Eurovision" with his solo album, which will be released few weeks. The concept of the song — thrash the disk. Directed by Eugene clip invested in the latest fighting sensual visuals that go around the selection to the "Eurovision":
Comments musician blog:
"A funny happened))) blood, but funny))";
"Song drop dead!))) And the clip is funny, but a lot of meat))";
"What did you go there spiked?? Whole day I go — and she, a song in my head spinning. (…) Only once looked — and such effect. Urgently to the masses!" Tags: Web, Belarusian, blogs

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