Night Siege, March 26

Now NIGHT MODE occurred hacker DDoS attack on the website Charter 97. Manages project coordinator Natalia Radin.
Radin: "DDoS attack — this is when the communication channel with the provider of hosting services clogged fake requests to the Web site. This was not associated with an increase in visitors, although guests yesterday on the website of the Charter was very many, because all are interested in news from Belarus. Attack took place about 4 minutes in the morning. Our tech service struggled with this as I could, and when they tried to stop the attack, appeared a problem with the server. Because after DOS attack yet some time, for hours not worked server. But we this problem SPLIT somewhere at eleven o’clock in the morning and again at the moment to announce announcements about events in Minsk. "
Meanwhile, visit the website Charter 97 discussions are the results of yesterday’s action on the day will — on the website is photo essay. The action ended with mass arrests of participants and courts over them. Expressions readers website:
"Lukashenka’s own junta completely brutalized. Not a lot of him that so much taxpayers’ money goes to the content of these riot police, so even thought up zabahats millions to improve their own style in the West. British Lord Bell will have a look at these pictures and decide their own fee to raise more — too heavy will work with the customer! Proud of our youth that are not terrified to leave, most of them were. "
"My question to kiravnikov rally — unless it was impossible zbiratstsa about the Academy and go to Bangalore Square Why expose people themselves under the baton i i sanctions?"
"I shameful that I did not have yesterday in the midst of such courageous women, boys, ladies, guys, but I believe that will prazdnichek on our street … Necessary act! Long live Belarus! "
The forums portal discussions are on "Chernobyl Way 2008" — where collected, how to get along, where to go. Some members believe that the way to start this is from the forecourt. A few quotes:
"The reality is such that the bodies have a full opportunity to fully block at least some point in the town … and the more narrow streets, the easier do … in other words, to gather in the wrong place encircled from all sides, it is unrealistic, because what happens drablenne protesters, yesterday’s example is indicative … "
"Officially allowed one route …. Other routes in the center — is unlikely. And everyone knows about it. "
"Day Will Way. Later wait until later in March. And so once a year. To change something, required continuous action, won in Georgia on the area people are days, and we have twice a year passed, and waved flags everything on it. So after 100 years nothing has changed. "
Website Belarusian toad offers new collage entitled "Dialogue with the European Union — a resounding YES!" In the middle of the field there are three guys in clothes reminiscent of Belarusian national costumes — axes in hand and a loaf on rushnyk. Caption collage "Yavropa, let’s talk!"

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