Night Siege March 27

Online commenting mass arrests and searches in the apartments-independent journalists. Comments on the portal
"Pagulyalisya in democracy, and that’s enough. We will not see normal relations with Europe coming years";
"Investors are welcome! We will search you, that increment investment";
"Just some kafkiyanski a dream."
The forums web site discussions are Charter’97 statement dyarzhskratara Union of Belarus and Russia Pavel Borodin, who believes Our homeland that should all countries to sell gas at a similar price, including and Belarus. It is understood that Lately the cost of gas for a thousand cubic meters can make Belarus 200 bucks. Comments:
"Something previously Borodin sang other songs. Apparently, the Kremlin received command" face ", and no differences in the recognition of the former unending love";
"Hard to have Grigorevichu when their rent."
Photographer of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Andrei Liankevich was released after being detained on March 25 and writes on his blog:" Got between with 2 chains (commandos), and lacked one second to run out of it …. Met with Akrestsin was cold and cleaned. The place lacked everything. Only we have not fed. Because hard to convey the satisfaction of the first sips of water, when the court began delivering water bottles and food packages. "
Blogger kolik8, reflecting on the past actions of the authorities against members vulichynyh shares and journalists, puts forward the version that brutal behavior associated with the Belarusian authorities relations between Moscow and Washington: "Belarusians run up and run up so that all you saw. And Belarusians can affect only our homeland, but in her own accounts with the Yankees, and solve this dilemma it will only be for additional services in the negotiations. "

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