No bucks, but they promise to bring

First "Freedom" Intriguing Belarusian borderland areas. After all, for example, the Polish news agency said now that the rate of the dollar relative to the zloty has risen by 30 percent. For a buck in Poland take more than 3 zlotys.
In Bobruisk population has increased the demand for foreign currency
Mogilev and Bobruisk population is buying foreign currency. What is the reason, they say banks are not only convinced that they are able to meet this demand.
In monetary council department of Mogilev "Belarusbank" reporter heard:
"Mogilev people buy everything. AND euros and Russian rubles, and Bucks. We never had a defect in the demand. From summer demand outstrips supply."
In one of the offices Bobruisk "BBK" also noted that the demand for foreign currency has increased substantially. According to employees of this department, "the population itself winds and later buying the currency."
In Mstislav urgently come bankers
It is planned that will take place tomorrow at Mstsislave expanded session of the State Bank. The other day an interview with "Freedom" the keeper of the control disk imaging Anatoly Drozdov.
"The Bank — a commercial establishment. And if will increase demand for the currency, the exchange rate will rise. Note that grows and the dollar exchange rate on the foreign stock exchange. In accordance with these bids increases and the rate of the State Bank."
As at the moment should arrive Belarusian citizens, so as not to lose their savings in foreign currency?
"When there is a period of uncertainty, it is the best position — sit, lay your hands on the tummy and quietly look telly …"
Nowogródek: a day or two is not available for purchase bucks
Head of Money "BBK" Novogrudok Tatiana Bazarevich Now, said:
"Take people currency. Example, bucks we no longer have a day or two, but promise to lead today and tomorrow. Usually at the end of the year in this situation. Last year was also a just bought up the euro. And this year, the euro is in the free market, and razmyali bucks. "
Branch Manager "BBK" in Slonim Alexander Lagutik:
"No problems. Feels overestimated demand, some wave, but there is a currency in the free market and no problems."
Deputy head of the department "BBK" Vawkavysk Svetlana Khvostova:
"Basically, what the problem: people soon dismantle the currency, but it is still there in the free market. Euro you can buy freely, Bucks — too. Happen periods when supplies do not, but we are rapidly purchase, we bring, and all. but such that there was no currency constantly, such we have. "
"For the poor are not afraid of fire"
Cash crisis seems reached and Gomel. In exchange Fri currency now virtually impossible to acquire bucks.
States citizen, Valentine:
"Bucks on sale there.’s Walking in" Belagroprombank "- pronounced, is not available."
Had no bucks to buy office № 300 "BBK", his other urban structures.
"Can only realize that the people we passed on the exchange — says the cashier number 6 Homel branch bank" VTB. "- Nothing else can not offer."

In exchange Fri currency on the street Russian Belpromstroibank a queue. Bucks for sale here, too, had not. Some townspeople, but handed over the euro as the currency exchange rate falls:
"For the poor are not afraid of fire, — says one of the pensioners. — That was got me 20 euros a year cherish. And now — do not care. 30 rubles more. Survive, survive, survive."

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