No sense that we are one country

Lady: "You see, I live in a very pretty country — Republic of Belarus, and the other I can not imagine myself homeland. Where I’ve traveled, beheld, but the most beautiful country — it’s ours. And why do I feel any unions, I feel important, where I live. "
Man: "I think, no commonwealth. Personally, I live in the USSR. After all, what is Belarus if its budget consists only of fines, people are intimidated. What is there "Father" has done, it is in no frames will not. "
Woman: "But no, nothing there, the only people talking in Russian, and all."
Man: "No no feelings. Only plus that Russian TV show, because if you look Russian, then …"
Reporter: "So you think that in reality Allied countries does not exist? "
Man: "As long as this does not feel, and if you read any of the Russian-Belarusian business, it must be noted, Our homeland that from time to time is worse Belarus, than the entire snow-white light. Remember though gas conflict … "
Man: "Certainly, all the same no Union relations. Look, gas Belarus becomes more expensive, well, different. Previously were that the funds will be shared, but nothing like this. Everything is expensive, nothing more I can add. "
Young Man: "I remember once all were tuned to what will be one government, one president, one means, but it had remained only in words. Well, people now refer to this union, respectively."
Man: "Belarus — Belarus is. And our homeland — is our homeland. "
Reporter: "Means you do not feel that we live in one state?"
Man: "Ani gramulki. I think that this country does not have. "
Young Man: "Truly speaking, I do not feel the 1st country. According to the documents, maybe it happened … It’s hard to say."
Lady: "No, it’s nothing like that happened."
Lady: "No, do not feel no such feelings: Belarus Belarus remains, and our homeland — Russia. No such feelings that we are one country."
Lady: "No, not completely such feelings, because in my daily life all these rules, which are declared with screen TV set, do not concern me. And all this" off the economy, allied applets "- all this efemernasts because the economy of Belarus has no impact. And in his own real life I do not feel it too. "

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