Now a day of solidarity

Just month reversed in Minsk Central District Court began the trial of the "Case 14". Youth activists, protesters business January 10, accused of organizing and participating in group activities that Tipo grossly violated public policy. 10 people have already been convicted. This is Andrew Kim, Michael Paszkiewicz, Alex Bondar, Vladimir Sergeev, Artem Dubski, Ales Streltsov, Ales Chernyshev, Anton Koipish Misha curves and Tatiana Tsishkevich. Seven of them were sentenced to restriction of liberty two years without sending them to penitentiary, two arrested. Andrei Kim is imprisoned for 18 months.
On May 23, in the court of the Central district of Minsk start Tribunal over the other players in the "case of 14" — Paul Grape Misha Subach and minor Maksim Dashuk. Barazenka, student Kalinouski Vrotslovskogo institute, police said in a criminal investigation.
Favorite "Young Democrats" UCP Misha Pashkevich also sentenced to imprisonment in the "case of 14", he said:
"At 18.00 on October Square UCP and" Young Democrats "hold protest — a chain of caring people. Much attention is paid, and the factor that on May 23 appointed Tribunal for the second part of the case" trial of 14. "Action has two goals. In -1-x, an expression of solidarity with Kim Parsyukevich, Kozulin. Also with the young, which will be judged on May 23. important that people with portraits. Every activist on hand will be a photocopy of decision Supreme Court with signatures and Sukala Miklashevich, where it says: what people go with the portraits of the square is not a violation of administrative and procedural rules. "
According to human rights Igor Rinkevich, not only Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim are political prisoners, and sentenced to imprisonment in the "case of 14":
"This hostage regime as Alexander Kozulin, as was task before parliamentary campaign to capture democratic activists who are not afraid to participate in mass actions. Mode fulfilled his puzzle. They think to intimidate the Belarusian democratic youth. This, again, kick, break fate Young people. This is a continuation of political repression and pressure on dissidents in Belarus. "
Favorite "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich said that a day of solidarity has tremendous value:
"Such events show people who suffer for truth and justice, what about them remember that their business runs. Certainly, we join and believe that actions such plan should involve all the people who care about the future of Belarus, who care about the matter belarushchyny, realizing that in place of each one of those who is currently in prison, would be possible at least some people , fights for the truth in our land. "
The initiative to hold a day of solidarity came after police September 16, 2005 dispersed share memory disappeared oppositionists. Then the protesters took to the streets with white-red-white flags and portraits of Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko and Dmitry Zavadsky. On the same day a young activist Mikita Sasim raised denim shirt as a sign of resistance to the regime in Belarus. Since that time, a day of solidarity is celebrated every 16th of the month.

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