Now Belarus celebrates Victory day

Announced that in the procession uchavstvujut about 6 thousand people. At the head of the column — Alexander Lukashenko and two of his adult son — Victor and Dmitry. After marching about 12.30 came laying flowers at the Victory Monument. In laying branches assumed the role of representatives of accredited diplomatic missions in Belarus, the leaders of the Orthodox church denominations and Metropolitan Filaret and Archbishop Kondrusiewicz
Approximately 12.40 Protested Alexander Lukashenko, lasted about 10 minutes. Among other, President of Belarus said: "Now there are many reasons that can lead to an outbreak of a new war fire. Individual countries, imagines himself superpowers, ready to intervene in the home affairs other countries, and even to use armed force … Increased activity of NATO, there come the former socialist countries … Samples dictatorship and economic blackmail and has several times made against Belarus. Nobody will force us to turn off the chosen path .. . "
On October Square and Victory Square for veterans established chair. Lined avenue on special sites act creative teams.
At 10 pm in the capital and regional centers will salute dedicated days of victory
Yesterday, during the introduction of building projects in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko stated the need to build a new museum majestically Russian war. The new museum building will be located on the avenue favorites next to Victory Park.

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