Now the 22nd day relay hunger strike

22 a day or a number of requirements of the hunger strike widened from the immediate release of Alexander Kozulin and closing cases opposition activists Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich to stop repression against members of celebration days of Will and-independent journalists who have done searches and seizures office on March 27.

According to former MP Skrabets currently on hunger strike uchavstvujut about 20 people. I recall the hunger strike began specifically brothers Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov. Yesterday Sergey Skrabets said that from April 1st, he and his brother stopped the hunger strike, because they need to maintain strength for events 2 and April. Skrebtsov plan to take an active role in the activities on the area of Bangalore. Minsk city executive committee forbade spending a day procession of so-called "Unity of Belarus and the Russian Federation" on April 2. Approved only hold a rally and concert in the square Bangalore
"There is planning a concert of solidarity with political prisoners. And we probably need to go a hunger strike because Sasha musician, his group gathered to participate in the concert."
Sergei Skrabets says that he and his brother have someone change in this action.
On March 30 ended a hunger strike Vaukavysk businessman Autukhovich. As an activist fighting the effects of a ten-day hunger strike?

"Poor himself began to feel. Reported that Tipo 28th I ended hunger strike, but Actually 30th. Bulenchyki started drinking. I started hunger strike to replace businessman Vasiliev from Bobruisk. "
Autukhovich said that does not preclude the resumption of its own role in the hunger strike after a while. "At the moment I have replaced later I help someone," — says the businessman. I recall more year reversed colony Autukhovich held a hunger strike to protest against the illegal, as he believed the sentence.
In Berlin continue hunger strike former Belarusian police, father and offspring ALKAYEVA that several years ago received political asylum in Germany. Oleg Alkaev hunger strike for the 17th day, his youngest son Vyacheslav — ninth. Oleg Alkaev said.
"What plan? While not in the eyes darken, will hunger strike. Currently you can still hold on. This is a topic for which you need to take seriously, or, or not taken at all."

According to Oleg ALKAYEVA, it is very fundamentally their actions bring a message of solidarity to victims of the regime, in particular, Alexander Kozulin, for their emotional support.
"This is the best method to express solidarity in the distance. The same Kozulin, who himself went through a hunger strike, and knows how seriously to humans, it is the moral support. Theorists have a lot, but directly do something … But I did not call for a hunger strike, everyone decides. My choice itself. "
Reported in Belarus continue hunger strike activists Igor Rinkevich, Taisa Kabanchuk, Maryna Statkevich, Oleg Lysko, Misha Vasiliev and other oppositionists.

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