Now with Akrestsin freedom will come to 9 people

Relatives, friends, politicians will meet in the evening youth activists at the prison gate Akrestsin Street. A court judgment arrested be released at 18.30. Total 9 people — Afnagel Ales Wangchuk, Maxim Vinyarski, Kasia Galician, Dmitry Kurz, Igor Panfilov, Andrei Salangin Artem Skorobogatov and Alexander Stankevich.
Voice Tatiana Tsishkevich:
"I myself was in Akrestsin because I know it’s nice when you go out and meet friends. Emotional support — the most fundamental."
Two of those arrested Maxim Vinyarski and Eugene Afnahel members of the movement "Jeans for Freedom." Activist Paul Yukhnevich said, "Freedom", which brought the girls arrested yesterday transmission. Greatest for Polina Kurianovich that morning was arrested in Central District Court to 10 days for his role in the campaign against the Russian embassy.

I myself was in Akrestsin because I know it’s nice when you go out and meet friends

"If our friends have suffered transmission, about their crossing on Fri Akrestsin suspended policemen who said they were members of the October police station. They checked documents copied data. One girl who went to draw gear, took a cell phone, looked at it in the knapsack, commanded to remove all of holders, passport information was copied. Transfer, however, accepted and released the lady. "

Kasia Galician and Ales Wangchuk
are members of an unregistered organization "Young Front". Their ally Anastasia Palazhanka said "Freedom" that his friends will meet many of the Young.

Franak Vyachorka, Anastasia Palazhanka and Dashkevich about bullpen in Akrestsin in January. "Certainly, we will meet, invite people to support them. All of our support during their 10 days was determined in the gears. We walked every day. Strolled their friends, not only of the Young."
Among those who are currently serving 10 days in jail, five people for the first time put behind bars. All former prisoners bullpen Akrestsin Street they say that finding the nastiest moment behind bars — the absence of the freshest air. Despite the fact that the new Executive Administrative Code guarantees walk prisoners, all as previously held in the chambers until the end of his sentence. Maid after release appealed to doctors and those recommended to them possible spend more time on the most fresh air and take vitamins.
Evening will remain behind bars for another 10 opposition. Among them favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich his deputy, businessman and journalist Victor Coley "Nasha Niva"Semen Pechenko

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