Nowhere to park in Minsk, and empty parking lots

At this point in the center of Minsk 14 car parks, which can take 1.5 thousand cars. Chief engineer of the utility "Garages and parking lots, parking" Peter Prudnikov said that recently the number of parking spaces will increase to three thousand, and a couple of years there will be 10 thousand. Solve the problem of parking the city authorities will be using a multi-level car parks that are planning to build.
According to the company "Garages, car parks and parking lots," providing parking in Minsk is the third part of a character. In the Central district of Minsk providing parking is 57%, in the partisan — about 40%. In others, it is much less than the average for the town.
The town recorded almost half a million private cars. Once a day on the roads added to them several thousand non-resident on the machines. But the total number of parking spaces in garages, car parks and parking lots does not achieve 150 thousand.
Build underground garages inappropriate?

Inspector of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda Minsk police traffic police Yuri Krasnov says that today’s glut of vehicles driver problem left over from the previous years:
"The problem mainly due to the fact that housing in the center of old, and when it was built, the parking spaces are not provided in general. Why office system currently does not build houses with underground garages? Because expensive and a bunch of approvals needed — with fire and all others. spoke with people who build houses, and they said: to build a house with an underground garage — very expensive, they say, I have these flats later nobody will not take. Vo-2, very expensive for the building office to pass all approvals . Basically, could prepyadstviya solve another method: to build in each sleeping area normal parking, at least a four. This is a decision prepyadstviya. At the same Komarovka comfortable at night to throw the car in the parking lot, out cheaply, pay 3-4 thousand per night. Someone puts someone — no. "
As told at a press conference the chief engineer of the company "Garages, car parks and parking" Peter Prudnikov build expensive parking. According to existing projects price 1st place in the parking lot exceeds 15 thousand dollars. Three last year over for a thousand bucks increased cost for public parking — up to three thousand dollars per seat. Prudnikov promised that the city government will revise the price of parking.
The last chapter of the Association liquidated owners and drivers of vehicles Oleg Markevich believes that drivers parked in the yards but partly on the sidewalk, because the parking lot is expensive. Say, throw the car in the parking lot, not any of them protected, is twice more expensive than in the United States:
"Generally it is obiralovka. At no country in the world as a percentage of wages that is not present. In New York, parking 50 cents — 1 dollar. But there, I’m sorry, least 7 bucks an hour no one earns a person such costs can afford for themselves. And if you take our relation between wages and pay for parking, then it’s just nightmare! What to expect? Just one will not pay, will escape.
Heard that try to enter almost criminality for an unpaid leave from the parking lot. You realize what it threatened? People send them to hell. Why should I drove up to the store to pay for the car? In the price of the product is all inclusive — value added tax, and other fees. This is a zvyshpadatak. "
Elite Parking: built and have forgotten?
Convenience of parking in Minsk traffic police and a representative says Yuri Krasnov:

Take, for example, Independence Square. Built a parking lot, and no one goes there because it’s embarrassing.

"Take the same Komarovka. Parking There are three modern, but shchemyatstsa in the yard to avoid paying for parking facilities. Because in fact comfortable virtually no parking. Same Komarovka good parking: came — and immediately hit the market. A take let’s Independence Square. Lined up parking, and nobody goes there because it’s embarrassing. Indeed, if you need the street of Karl Marx, and you put the car on the Independence, how Marx dabyaressya Yes from the parking people complain that there to call — long, check out — long. And how long spendest to get to a suitable street in the center of town. And besides money for parking Pay. "
Previously disabled, war veterans and labor benefited benefits — paying half or are exempt from parking fees. But This year, says human rights activist and veteran of the war in Afghanistan Volchek, according to the decision of the Minsk city deputies such privilege is canceled:
"We wrote to the Minsk City Council, as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which in theory should protect our rights. Previously parking lots near the Afghans had no problems, it was free. But the Minsk city council decided to go ahead in the end, decided that Afghans do not fall under the free parking. I ask on what basis? They say, on the basis of law. But the law does not stipulate that Tipo deprive us here this benefit. other words Minsk City Council has exceeded its capacity and limited us in our rights . Because we impose that protect themselves in parking lots. Indeed there are various Afghans with different diseases. Even if Non-native will arrive at a couple of times a poultice, it translates into a lot of money. "
In some European countries the problem of parking decide huge construction sites in the final subway stations, where the driver leaves the car in the parking lot and then rides the subway, so as not to overload the roads of the town. At the entrances to the terminal stations of the Minsk metro parking unavailable.

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