O.Gulak: Our task — to monitor and report

The new management of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee organized a press conference for journalists, among whom was a film crew and the First Channel of Belarusian television. The main topic of conversation was the future transactions with the government and the BHC, namely, the observation of the parliamentary elections to be held in September. Not so long ago elected chairman of the organization Hulak said that BHC perceive the role in monitoring the elections even in this case, if they will boycott the opposition:
"Naturally, we will. Why? Because people have a right to choose, and we look at how people fail to realize this right."
BHC chairman recalled that in 2000 when the organization became the first time to monitor the elections and there was a question about the likely boycott their opposition, but human rights activists decided to not join him. "Our task — to monitor the elections and report the results of this observation, and let people draw conclusions," — said Oleg Gulak. Partially defender of the criticism of the electoral law, but huge prirekany, in his opinion, deserves the practice of holding elections, which Hulak described as "opaque":

Everything is closed from participants in the electoral process

"The function of counting nobody sees, complaints, audits — also closed on all participants in the electoral process. Why it mattersis power? To observers, the participants had no evidence of election irregularities and fraud. This system has worked. Cherish the hope that will be made conclusions from that read President in his message Belarusian people. That power interested in elections more than observers. We’ll see. "
Proposal defenders authorities did — on cooperation in improving democracy — and supported Tatiana Protko, BHC and that created over 12 years of rule in this country naikrupneyshim human rights organization:
"Unfortunately, the democratic opposition now has isolated itself from both the authorities and the population. This is not good for a democratic society and of the whole society. We want to get rid of this silly tradition, but one of our good will is not enough. Need and good will of the authorities" .
May 11 there was a meeting of representatives of the BHC, which Tatiana Protko resigned, and was elected as chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak. In the comments Protko Tatiana explained that "she had gone to make way for young people."

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