O.Kozulina: Dad saved products from milk

Now the colony "Vitsba-3", where more than 2-year keep the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, began his long-term meeting with his daughters Olga and Yulia. Also meet with grandfather came Vladislav grandson who is 6 years old. The other day, Olga told Kozulin:
"We’ll go very early to there being already at nine o’clock, because we know very well: while we check and miss, it will be noon. Let’s go with my sister and my son take Vladushka. Take for dad a lot of dairy products, because he says that it only helps him. Goat’s milk, yogurt different — something he did not give in the bullpen. That for a day or three of his little back up. Dishes that cook themselves, he loves them very much. "
Let me remind you, this week during a speech in parliament with yearly message, Alexander Lukashenko, has made several statements in the address of Alexander Kozulin. By Olga Kozulin this occasion not exclude that will apply to the court at the head of the country in order to protect the honor and dignity of his own father.
Sergei Parsyukevich transferred from Minsk in Zhodinsky remand. The police explain relocation renovation, which began in the clink after, collapsed as one of the 4 towers Pischalovskogo castle where available bullpen. Natalia worried wife of political prisoner: not in terms Zhodinskaya bullpen is even worse? Lady heard that Zhodinsky insulator called the most violent on dealings with prisoners in Belarus. Also complicate the ability to communicate with Sergei Parsyukevich for his relatives.
"As he is now transmit transmission? Here’s my sister before coming to the insulator and pass, it must. And at the moment as it should be, go Zhodino? It’s hard. "
Let me remind you, the family of Sergei Parsyukevich lives in Vitebsk. There’s also live his mother, who fell ill seriously.
Day hearing of the appeal Sergei Parsyukevich the Minsk City Court has not yet been appointed. Businessman punished by 2.5 years in prison for beating a policeman Tipo.
Mother of a political prisoner Andrei Kim Tatiana on this week son visited the Republican prison clinic, where Andrew came with eye disease. Doctors they say that some drugs do not improve the situation, urgently needed glasses. Kim’s vision began to deteriorate rapidly after it concluded in January in Minsk remand. "There grimly. Constantly smoking, and Andrew his eyes began to water," — says Tatiana Kim.
After the meeting mom allowed to pass offspring fruit — apples, pears, lemons — but took odezhku year.
"He asked for a sports suit, sneakers instead of winter boots, in which he was arrested, but not taken. Clearly, too, must pass in jail" — says Tatiana Kim.
On the days of Andrew Kim will submit an appeal against the verdict. I recall activist was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for assaulting Tipo policeman during a rally businessmen. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Parsukevich, com

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