Offer opposition to boycott the upcoming elections

According to Bondarenko, transition to the latest strategy based on the fact that "the authorities have put on dialogue and democratization, and opened a real terror against political opposition and civilian society."
Dmitry Bondarenko called "a solid confrontation dictatorship in all directions." He said that the opposition is ready for a dialogue only in the case of real power steps to democratize the country.
Z. Dashkevich: "It is to discuss the modalities of the boycott"
Favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich said that before the parliamentary campaign very fundamentally seek authority from transparent electoral process:
"If the government does not wish to provide it, the election must boycott. Worth only ones open a discussion or other forms of boycott. Participate But, of course, imposed from above scenario in elections is very unsafe. Here it is necessary to all democratic forces to make the format of the boycott. There are several options: either candidates democratic forces are running, go to the polls, conducted the campaign and for a few days, provided the power failure of democratization of the electoral process, these candidates are removed. Either version of the full role in the failure of the campaign. "
Lyabedzka: "Our people perceive boycott as lying on the couch"
Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko notes that the question of boycotting the elections as a result of discussions formulated in 2007.
"It turned out that all the same more arguments in favor of the role, and not a boycott campaign. I was a member of the boycott campaign in 2000, but we must admit that since then there have been some changes. Then vote rigged, they simply attributed. And now in 2008 they are simply no one would consider. And no matter how many will actually participate, including the role and voting results will be those which will be registered in the "red house". In-2, people at the moment even less power than in 2000 to abandon the role in the election campaign. At the place of work, study, and many other economic levers. And most importantly, our people is largely perceived as a boycott is not the role, in other words, to lie on the couch and do nothing. "
V.Orgish: "Before the claim to participate in the elections, it is necessary to seek their democratization"
Ph.D. Vyacheslav Orgish varies necessary boycott.
"The boycott itself for itself hardly makes sense, as the political forces, political parties, political organizations should participate in the political process. Even if it is not defined democracy and justice.
But political forces must show government conditions: correction of the Electoral Code and democratization in general selection criteria. And only in the event of failure by the authorities the main requirements, can the question of the boycott.
And what do we have today? Political parties have already announced its own participation in the parliamentary elections. And they began to argue about the injustice of the elections that took place in Belarus and to be held in the autumn. And in my opinion, before the claim to participate in the elections, it was necessary to seek their democratization. And to accept a role in the elections, only in case of failure of their criteria. "
Political analyst Vyacheslav Orgish remembers that eight years ago, most of the opposition boycotted the parliamentary elections:
"While the boycott would only make sense in this case, if the democratic forces aggressively raised the question of democratization of the electoral process. But then a question bluntly — boycott all. And as I remember, then only the" People’s Hulk ", headed by Nikolai Statkevich, participated in the election campaign. During that of other democratic parties, which did not participate in the election, received strong obstruction. At the time, it was necessary to be more flexible in this matter. "
U.Nistsyuk: "The call for a boycott — it’s virtual politics"
Political analyst Vladimir Nistuk mentions that the political opposition tried to boycott the elections twice, local — in 1999 and parliamentary — in 2000:
"Then all those who participated in the elections, branded as traitors, were that they played together with the authorities. But later the same people who boycotted the elections, you recognized that this was not quite a real step, very unprofitable for a common cause . "
Sovereign Nistuk explains why This year, in his opinion, it is impossible to repeat the same mistake:
"Voters understand that if people participate in elections, even incomprehensible based on beliefs of democracy, they go to them, meet with them, heed. Necessary to listen to the voters, so that through them at least know the pulse of contemporary life.
In-2, if it is to include Belarus aggressively Our homeland, the United States, rather aggressively — Europe, the authorities will take positive steps to today’s more democratic elections were held last. People are deprived of social benefits, as they behold the prices of goods grow … And they expect answers to the questions: Why is this happening? And it will be very bad if the answers will give only one side.
And why then do politics, if not engaged in lawful political campaigns and not to participate in them? It is an initiative with the virtual policy. A real need to engage. "

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