On Krasnapolshchyne make superkalgas

Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Vetoshkin declares that the reorganization will allow the district to raise the efficiency of the economy. Meanwhile are independent experts do not believe in such a total reorganization and bureaucrats do not know how will work reorganized economy. Authorities have not yet finished the reorganization, and people have started to leave the area.
In Mogilev district Krasnopol’skii more affected by the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. There are only six agricultural companies, which employ about a thousand people.
How will the economy in Krasnopolie reorganized the executive committee does not know.
"No one here in the area do not realize that this would be. We also have no industry completely. People somehow lingered here in these farms. Prepared, although a small salary, but received. Develop your personal economy. As will be further ? People are confused, "- said the employee executive committee.
According to Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Vetoshkin reorganization venture for more efficient use of funds that go to the revival of the village.
In urging the executive committee: union households Tipo approved their employees.
Dweller Krasnopole Alexander claims turnaround. People urged states he agree to the union:
"Five times collected by the congregation, so that people voted for the union. 5 times they failure — all were against it. Last herded all the District House of Culture. Police caught up and uttered that will not be released until you will vote "yes". Who began to read against his and stopped: "You drank, you will not get more grain."
People in improving the lives of unbelievers. Alexander continues:
"What’s the use of this association? System remained the same. Only instead of collective farm chairmen put Governors. Essence does not change, nothing changes completely."
Power management reorganization have not yet finished, but already encountered neuvvyazkami.
"As a result of this reorganization, 100 people have disappeared somewhere. Planned that there are around two people will dismissed. Where these people go and what they will do — is not clear. On these questions no one answers, "- says an employee executive committee.
Past director of the farm "Dribinsky" Nikolai Jurkov sure: union households authority seeks to show that the beginning of the reform of agriculture:
"This is the caseetsya because that power then under the guise of reform gives some preferences. These funds are deposited in the main to those firms that make the roof of the authorities. From farmers as nothing, and will not. Reforms are necessary inside the farms. Necessary to create the owner "- says Nikolay Jurkov.
Mogilev politician, last director of the farm "Iskra" Grigory Kostusev said: the government must connect voedinyzhdy economy to close the shortage of workers:
"Just some collective currently no people, some work on the ground. Krasnopolye With people leave the area who are in Mogilev, who in Russia. Naturally, in the situation that has developed in Krasnopolie neighborhood association — this is the straw, for which seized in order to save the situation. "

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