On Volodarka not taken medication for Sergei Parsyukevich

On March 4th is behind bars in Minsk Vitebsk businessman Sergei Parsyukevich, who is suspected of beating a guard in the prison Akrestsin Street where Parsukevich serving arrest after meeting businessmen. Sergei Parsyukevich states that in fact it was he was the victim of police violence. "They fabricated the case, that by avoiding responsibility," — said the businessman on a keeper on Akrestin bullpen.
Currently activist remand Valadarski Street. According to Natalia Parsukevich, her spouse difficulties began with health — worsened asthma. "The situation was aggravated because he was not able to pass the necessary medicines — in prison not accept them," — said Natalia. From a letter to Sergei Parsyukevich houses she found and about who was in the list of witnesses from among former inmates Sergei.
"Investigators questioned those whom read Sergey, but in some people got witnesses who always lying in the chamber, beheld nothing, ascended just to eat. "
The case of Sergei Parsyukevich investigated, but the tribunal has not made it, it examines the prosecutor’s office, said the lawyer businessman Vera Stramkouskaya.
And here’s the deal democratic activist Andrei Kim after a day or four, on April 1, will begin to consider the Central Tribunal district of Minsk. Mom activist Tatyana Kim hopes for a just verdict, she claims innocence offspring. According to her, Andrei Kim is optimistic and comforting relatives and friends.
"He writes that all depends on God. Writes that I pinned its hopes on the best, but if it does not, not very worried by the court on Actually nothing depends. "
Let me remind you, Andrei Kim was accused of using violence during a meeting of businessmen in late January. As he faced another accusation — the organization because of hooliganism meeting on January 10th. Andrei Kim threatens a couple of years conclusion.
Relay hunger strike lasts for the liberation of the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. In the hunger strike, which began on March 10, at the moment uchavstvujut Several activists Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov, Oleg and Vyacheslav ALKAYEVA Sergei Halahaniuk Igor Rinkevich, Misha Vasiliev, Taisa Kabanchuk and others. Municipal media ignore the fact of the hunger strike, did not react to it and officials. Alexander Kozulin is in custody for more than 2-year.

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